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About Bren - Leadership

Leadership at Bren

Just as Bren students receive support and guidance from faculty, staff, and professional mentors, so, too does the school itself benefit from reliable counsel and strong leadership from a variety of sources.

Bren leadership begins with Steven Gaines, who assumed the position of Bren School dean in Januaary 2010, continuing his distinguished career as a researcher, teacher, and administrator at UCSB. From Dr. Gaines, leadership extends to several groups comprising men and women who hold prominent positions in the corporate, government, nonprofit, and consultancy sectors.

The Bren School Advisory Board, which includes UCSB Chancellor Henry Yang and University of California representatives as well as representatives from corporations and nonprofit organizations, provides high-level direction to ensure that the school and its programs are the best in the world in terms of providing a comprehensive, balanced, cutting-edge approach to Environmental Science & Management.

The Dean's Council was created to support, promote, and guide the Bren School in achieving its objectives while also serving as the primary conduit between the school and the local community. The Council also sponsors the Breakfast Club, which meets quarterly at the University Club in Santa Barbara.

The members of the Eco-Entrepreneurship Advisory Council provide perspective and wisdom to students who are pursuing the Eco-Entrepreneurship (Eco-E) focus within the master's curriculum.

Finally, the most recently formed leadership group (Fall 2010) is the Council of Legal Advisors, comprising attorneys from some of the nation's most prestigious environmental law firms. These distinguished legal professionals will work individually and in collaboration to teach short courses and lead workshops and seminars that will extend Bren students' real-world understanding of environmental law by exposing them to practicing attorneys who are working at the leading edge of environmental legal issues.