Edison International Visitors Center

Welcome to the Edison International Visitors Center website for educators, community members, and students of all ages! The resources and links below provide access to a wealth of useful sustainability-related information and websites.

Virtual Tour — If you are interested in seeing the Visitors Center but are unable to come to the Bren School, you can make a virtual visit on the Edison International Visitors Center Dashboard.


A large-screen monitor linked to a computer (right) serves as the central information hub, with “dashboard” software providing educational modules on key concepts of sustainability — including energy, water, transportation, climate change, and life cycle assessment.

“Sustainability Touch Tanks" (below) allow visitors to examine materials made from recycled and renewable resources, many of which have been incorporated into the construction of Bren Hall.

A K-12 module includes links to sustainably lesson plans and short educational videos. This information will be updated regularly to reflect the most currentsustainability innovations.

Real-time data on Bren Hall’s water and energy use, as well as energy production from the solar array located atop the building.

Skype and a computer-mounted video camera enable users to conference internationally.

Request a tour to learn more about the many innovative sustainability features of our double-Platinum LEED building.


Looking for energy-saving tips for home? Find them at the Edison SmartConnect™ Video Channel.

Highlights from Santa Barbara Smart Energy Community Forum

The SCE Energy Educational Center — for businesses Energy information for business owners and operators, architects, facility managers, and others interested in energy efficiency.

The SCE Energy Educational Center for agriculture Industry-specific energy information for those in the agricultural sector.

SCE Speakers Bureau — Find an energy expert to speak to your group or organization.


The California Environmental Legacy Project?? - Currently in development, this??educational portal will inspire users to explore California???s rich environmental history.??The site will provide media resources that tell the story of the state from its origins to the present day and beyond and provide the ability to assemble customized learning packages for K-12 and university students and teachers.??Check in often to learn more about the project and view the progress.??
UCSB Institute for Energy EfficiencyAn important university-based center of energy-related research, leadership, and information dedicated to conducting collaborative research and developing technology-based solutions for improving how energy is produced, used, and managed.

Toyota International Teachers Program — Teachers can gather sustainability lesson plans from this program. Funded by Toyota Motor Sales, USA, and administered by the Institute of International Education, this program offers U.S. secondary teachers fully funded international professional-development opportunities that advance environmental stewardship and global connectedness in schools and communities nationwide. Bren School professors provide additional support and expertise by traveling with the teachers as Study Leaders.