Enrollment in MESM Core Courses (ESM 201, 202, 203, 204, 206, 207, 210, 241, and 251) is generally limited to Bren MESM students.


MESM core courses are designed for MESM students. However, at times, a student and his/her faculty advisor will determine that a MESM core course may provide valuable knowledge and skills for the student?s research, adequate background to take other graduate-level courses, or preparation to serve as TA in future years.


As such, PhD or Master?s students under the mentorship of a Bren faculty member may submit a Bren School petition signed by the faculty member requesting permission to enroll in a core course. The petition may be submitted electronically to scheduling@bren or in person to Briny or Amy in the Dean?s Suite.


The School is usually unable to approve enrollment of undergraduates or Extension students in these courses due to the high demand for these classes by MESM and other graduate students.


Maximum enrollment in a MESM core course is 96 students with priority given to MESM students.


Maximum enrollment in discussion sections for classes with 4-6 sections will be initially set at 23.


If demand by MESM students and other graduate students with approved petitions exceeds 96 then additional enrollees will be issued approval codes for specific discussion sections such that discussions sections are fairly evenly populated. The maximum enrollment in discussion section will be 96/4-6 +/- 2.