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Sustainable Water Markets Fellows bring an array of experiences, motivations, and skills to the program. They come from a variety of backgrounds encompassing a wide range of subjects, including hydrology, agriculture, policy, economics, corporate sustainability, and ecology.


The research of SWM Fellows in the PhD program contribute to new innovations and intellectual breakthroughs within the water markets field, and provide a framework to inform policy makers and water resource managers. Meet past and present SWM PhD Fellows.


While at Bren, SWM MESM Fellows study how markets can be used to better manage water resources, often specializing in Water Resources Management or Economics and Politics of the Environment. They also complete a SWM related Master’s Project and summer internship, while engaging with the SWM programming and curriculum. Following graduation, MESM Fellows become leaders in the field of water resources management, working for a wide range of organizations, including nonprofits, government agencies, and businesses. Click through the classes below to meet the SWM MESM Fellows.