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Demand Planning Intern
Kelly Bourque
Denver Water
Denver, CO
Kelly interned for Denver Water's Supply and Planning Division in Denver, Colorado. As a Demand Planning Intern, Kelly assisted in research and analysis of short-term and long-term water consumption data and customer demographics to inform Denver Water's Demand Planning Work Plan. Denver Water's Demand Planning Section forecasts raw and treated water consumption for its 1.4 million customers, and expects to double its population by 2050. Kelly worked directly under the Denver Water's Demand Planning Manager to specifically contribute technical analysis for Denver Water's Ten-Year Capital Program, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, as well as the planning, monitoring and evaluation of conservation programs.

Colorado River Basins Water Markets Intern
Kate Burchenal
American Rivers
Denver, CO

Kate worked with American Rivers’ Northern Rockies Division in Denver, Colorado. Kate supported the team in their efforts to expand water markets on the Western Slope of Colorado. In particular, her work focused on the Crystal River, a headwaters tributary of the Colorado River. The Crystal is water-short in most years and American Rivers is working to establish a stream management plan that facilitates water transfers to enhance environmental flows when they are needed most. Kate also assisted with efforts to designate Deep Creek, another tributary of the Colorado, as a Wild & Scenic River.

Corporate Water Stewardship Intern
Morgan Campbell
Pacific Institute
Oakland, CA

Morgan worked on projects to strengthen Pacific Institute's partnership with the California Water Action Collaborative and the Business Alliance for Water and Carbon. In addition, she worked to help the Pacific Institute develop context-based corporate water stewardship goals.

Summer Associate
Lucy Hedley
LegacyWorks Group
Santa Barbara, CA

Lucy worked as a summer associate at LegacyWorks Group in Santa Barbara. Her primary focus was on working with partners in Jackson, WY to create a market for incidental groundwater recharge in the Teton basin in Idaho. She researched and worked with potential market participants and associates to assess the feasibility of establishing the program based on local conditions. She also determined the market components that would be most conducive to establishing this market and worked to create the market platform. In addition, Lucy assisted with various other projects being carried out by Legacy Investment Works and Legacy Philanthropy Works. Part of this work included developing new marketing materials and media for the organization.

California Water Intern
Lindsay McPhail
Environmental Defense Fund
San Francisco, CA

As part of EDF's Ecosystem Program, Lindsay helped craft a preliminary framework of actions and incentives for landowners to enhance groundwater sustainability in the Central Valley prior to the deadlines imposed by California's Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). She researched how to apply this framework on the ground by leveraging the synergy between EDF's Western Groundwater Sustainability Initiative and the Habitat Exchange, which creates incentives for landowners to implement habitat improvements on their land. Lindsay worked to create an outline for a chapter in future California Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs) detailing how landowners can be credited for recharging and banking groundwater and co-benefits such as habitat creation.

Western Water and Habitat Exchange Intern
Anna Schiller
Environmental Defense Fund
San Francisco, CA

As an intern, Anna explored habitat co-benefits and potential incentives for San Joaquin Valley farmers implementing groundwater conservation and sustainability measures associated with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). Anna helped develop a template Groundwater Sustainability Plan chapter on groundwater banking and habitat management to be used by Groundwater Sustainability Agencies across the state as they establish groundwater sustainability policies in accordance with SGMA.

Flow Restoration Fellow
Jim Bond
The Freshwater Trust
Portland, Oregon

The Freshwater Trust is a nonprofit organization that combines scientific analysis with creativity and innovation to restore rivers throughout Oregon, California, and Idaho. Jim primarily worked with the Flow Department to further its efforts in developing a flow-derived temperature-credit program. In addition, Jim provided support to help further the goals of the Ecosystem Services, Legal, and Policy Departments at TFT.

Pulse Flow Intern, Colorado River
Season Martin
Environmental Defense Fund
Boulder, Colorado

Season worked with Environmental Defense Fund's Colorado River Program. The 2014 environmental pulse flow that connected the Colorado River to the Gulf of California benefited riparian ecosystems in the delta and has been comprehensively monitored. Season collected and analyzed qualitative data to document the benefits of the pulse flow at restoration sites on the Colorado River between Hoover Dam and Morelos Dam.
Water Transactions Intern Mary-Sophia Motlow Ecosystem Economics Bend, OregonEcosystem Economics uses economic tools to address the policy, conservation, and restoration goals of clients. Mary-Sophia was involved in several Ecosystem Economics projects during her internship, including a partnership with the Mekong River Commission to perform economic an assessment of dams in the Srepok basin, a water transactions projects addressing instream flows along the Rio Grande, and an investigation of conserved water in Oregon. Mary-Sophia worked on water-rights research, economics and policy analysis, and GIS data analysis.

Water Rights Trading Intern
Dean Wang
WestWater Research
Boise, Idaho

The objective of this internship was to perform a market analysis for water-right trading within a market region of the United States. The market analysis involved contacting and interviewing active market participants to gather water-transaction information. That information was then analyzed to assess the size of the market, price levels and volatility, and the characteristics of buyers and sellers. Market trends were identified to provide a market forecast and guide an overall water-right acquisition and investment strategy for the region.

Research Associate
Karen Askelan
DMS Natural Resources
Bozeman, Montana

Karen’s internship was based in beautiful Bozeman, MT, where she worked as a research associate with DMS Natural Resources. DMS Natural Resources is an advisory firm specializing in the water and agricultural sectors offering services including water right management, water marketing, and natural resource investment advising. In her role, Karen conducted online research to evaluate water market activity and water investments, developed water market communications materials, and performed site visits, researched water rights, and edited documents to aid water right change applications.

Yakima Basin Intern
Martin Merz
American Rivers
Seattle, Washington

Martin spent the first month of his summer working with the Daugherty Water for Food Institute and Mammoth Trading, road tripping through Nebraska, Colorado, Arizona and Montana interviewing water trust practitioners, farmers and government officials regarding instream flow markets. He then spent the final two months of the summer based out of Seattle working as an intern for American Rivers. His work with American Rivers involved researching the market components of the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan, ultimately writing a research report outlining practical steps towards establishing a coherent water market in the basin.

Water Efficiency Intern
Catherine Iantosca
City of Palo Alto Utilities Department
Palo Alto, California

Catherine worked with City of Palo Alto’s Utilities Department to research and develop a Water Efficiency Technology Reference Manual. Catherine researched the water-savings assumptions for 24 indoor and outdoor water efficiency measures to determine best estimates for achievable water savings specific to Palo Alto’s water efficiency programs and climate. She then wrote Palo Alto’s Water Efficiency Technology Reference Manual, including default assumptions, formulas, and sources for estimating water savings. The Reference Manual will be used to more accurately track the water savings achieved by the City’s efficiency programs and how these savings will affect future water demand.

River Restoration Intern
Ian Bell
NOAA and the University of Wyoming

Ian worked for the summer with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in California. Ian was working with NOAA scientists and University of Wyoming researchers on the Tuolumne River and Merced River to assess available habitat for Chinook salmon and Steelhead trout and evaluate river restoration projects. Additionally, Ian completed a fifth year of fieldwork to monitor the impact of climate change on high-altitude Sierra Nevada streams with researchers at the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory (SNARL) in Mammoth Lakes, CA.

Summer Associate
Cora Kammeyer
The Nature Conservancy
San Francisco, CA

Cora worked as a summer associate at The Nature Conservancy, in the California chapter. She worked jointly in their Water program and Migratory Birds program. Her goal was to explore the feasibility of using a Community Water Trust in the Sacramento Valley to acquire water for migratory bird habitat. This model involves engaging impact investors to acquire a portfolio of water supplies and managing the water supplies strategically to provide environmental benefit plus a financial return to the investors. Cora focused on how to acquire and manage water supplies within California’s unique system of water rights and infrastructure. She performed an analysis of water rights and research on the legal framework for water transfers in California, as well as exploring potential partnerships and creative wate- use agreements.

Mountain Meadow Monitoring and Restoration Intern
Alyssa Obester
South Yuba River Citizen’s League
Nevada City, CA

Alyssa worked with the South Yuba River Citizen’s League (SYRCL) in Nevada City, California. SYRCL is focused on protection and the restoration of the Yuba River Watershed. Alyssa was involved with SYRCL’s mountain meadow monitoring and restoration program, where she collected and analyzed hydrologic and greenhouse gas data to determine the benefits of restoring the Sierra Nevada’s degraded meadows for both water supply and carbon sequestration. She is also working with SYRCL on her group master’s thesis, where she is developing a return on investment analysis of various restoration strategies on the Lower Yuba River.

Water Transactions Intern
Jayme Ohlhaver
The Nature Conservancy
Boulder, CO

Jayme worked with The Nature Conservancy’s Colorado River Program in Boulder, Colorado. In addition to learning more about the complexities and issues of the Colorado River System, Jayme supported the program’s work to encourage and catalyze water transactions in the basin. In this role he assisted SWM alumni, Season Martin, who is their Director of Water Projects and Sustainable Finance, in her efforts to provide water transaction tools and resources to TNC’s state chapters, track current and upcoming projects, and develop uniform measurable water transaction project metrics to compare project options and gauge success.