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Joint Economics-Bren Faculty
Other Relevant Faculty
EES Emphasis Contacts

Joint Economics Department — Bren School Faculty

Christopher Costello

Renewable Resources, Information and Uncertainty

Olivier Deschenes Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics, Economics of Climate

Gary Libecap

Property Rights, Corporate Environmental Management

Kyle Meng Environmental economics, political economy, Climate change mitigation, impacts, and adaptation 

Paulina Oliva

Voluntary Environmental Protection

Andrew Plantinga Natural Resource Economics and Policy
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Other Relevant Faculty

Ted Bergstrom

Applied Micro-theory, Public Finance, Evolutionary Theory, Economic Anthropology

Frank Davis

Landscape Ecology, Conservation Planning

Jeff Dozier

Earth System Science, Snow Hydrology

Thomas Dunne

Hydrology, River Systems

Catherine Gaultier

Meteorology, Earth System Science

Patricia Holden


Arturo Keller

Hydrology, Water Chemistry, Pollution Fate and Transport

Bruce Kendall

Mathematical Ecology

Hunter Lenihan

Applied Marine Ecology

John Melack


Joel Michaelsen

Climatology, Meteorology, Marine Science

David Siegel

Oceanography, Marine Science

Douglas Steigerwald

Econometrics, Environmental and Resource Economics

Christina Tague Hydrology, Ecosystem Processes
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EES Emphasis Contacts
Casey Hankey

EES Emphasis Coordinator

Chris Costello

EES Emphasis Chair

Kristine Faloon Graduate Program Assistant, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
Mark Patterson Graduate Student Advisor, Economics Department
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Nicholas Burger

PhD, Economics, 2008. Dissertation: "Essays in Environment and Development." Upon graduating, Nick took a job as an associate economist for the RAND Corporation in Washington, D.C.

Jonah Busch

PhD, Environmental Science & Management, 2008. Dissertation: "Three Essays on the Economics of Nature Conservation." Jonah went to work for Conservation International's Center for Applied Biodiversity Science in Washington D.C. as a Post-doctoral Fellow in economics, focusing on climate change and biodiversity.

Marc Conte

PhD, Environmental Science & Management, 2008. Took a position as a a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University.

Corbett Grainger

PhD, Economics, 2010. Took job at University of Wisconsin (Madison) as Assistant Professor of Ag & Applied Economics.

Laura Grant PhD, Environmental Science & Management, 2011. Dissertation: "Three Essays on Charitable Organizations: Information Signals and Incentive Compatibility in Public Good Provision." Took job at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, as a tenure-track professor having a joint appointment in the Economics Department and the School of Freshwater Sciences.
Allison Huang

PhD, Environmental Science & Management, 2008. Dissertation, "Legislative Voting and Environmental Policy."  After graduating, Allison went to work as an economist with the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Grant Jacobsen

PhD, Economics, 2010. Took job at University of Oregon (Eugene) as Assistant Professor of Public Policy.

Dan Kaffine

PhD, Environmental Science & Management, 2007. Assumed a position as assistant professor at Colorado School of Mines, Division of Economics and Business.

John Lynham

PhD, Economics; MA, Marine Ecology, 2008. John took a position as an assistant professor of economics at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu.

James Nachbaur

PhD, Economics, 2007. James has taken a job as an Economist in the Legislative Analyst's Office in Sacramento. There he works on public finance and natural resource issues. Professor Deacon was James's research advisor.

Nick Parker

PhD 2009. Took job at Montana State University as Assistant Professor of Economics.

Mike Springborn

PhD, Environmental Science & Management, 2008. Dissertation: "Policies and Processes of Environmental Risk." Mike took a job as assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at the University California, Davis.

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