Further Opportunities

In addition to the couresework associated with the Bren master's and PhD degrees, a number of other opportunities are available that enable students to round out their academic experience with focused training in a certain skill or a specific subject area. The following entities are based either here at Bren or within another UCSB department.

  • Workshops in Environmental Law: Led by members of the Bren Council of Legal Advisors.
  • Eco-Entrepreneurship Focus: Students pursue additional coursework and activities that provide them with skills and support to launch new ventures, products, and technologies that address society's environmental and resource problems.
  • Economics and Environmental Science (PhD Emphasis): Provides doctoral students an understanding and appreciation of the research questions and methods of a natural science that complements their economics research.
  • Environment & Society (Interdepartmental PhD Emphasis): Provides UCSB doctoral students an opportunity to receive training and mentorship in interdisciplinary environmental studies and sciences beyond the scope of their normal degree programs. Students who complete all the requirements receive a certificate analogous to an undergraduate minor.
  • Environmental Data Science Focus: Students pursue additional coursework and activities that provide them with data science skills that are commonly used in environmental science and an overview of emerging and more sophisticated techniques.
  • Forest Sustainability Fellowship: The Forest Sustainability Fellowship (FSF) Program, generously supported by the Michael J. Connell Memorial Fund, focuses on scientific understanding and policy tools required to manage forests for long-term biological, physical, and social sustainability. Through training, research, and communication, the FSF program prepares a new generation of high-impact leaders in forest science and management. Learn more and apply.
  • Latin American Fisheries Fellowship program (LAFF): Provides full fellowship support for up to four highly qualified students who are pursuing a two-year Master of Environmental Science and Management (MESM) degree at the Bren School, with a concentration in Coastal Marine Resources Management and are dedicated to pursuing a related career in Latin America.
  • Sustainable Water Markets Fellowship Program (SWM): Made possible by the generous support of the Walton Family Foundation,SMM provides full and partial fellowship support for up to selected Bren School master's and PhD students who are committed to pursuing careers in sustainable water markets.
  • Strategic Environmental Communication and Media Focus: Students pursue additional coursework including theoretical knowledge and technical skills to learn to communicate effectively and strategically around environmental issues.
  • Technology and Society (PhD Emphasis): Multidisciplinary training for doctoral students who are planning dissertations that deal with the societal implications of technology.
  • Environmental Media Initiative: Allows students to explore media in all its forms as a vehicle for communicating environmental science to diverse audiences.
  • Graduate Program in Management Practice: a structured diploma-enhancing business education leading to a graduate certificate that is recognized across the UC system.
  • Zurich Financial Distinguished Visitors Center on Climate Change: Brings experts on the scientific, legal, economic, and policy aspects of climate change to the Bren School for periods of a few days to a few weeks, during which visitors teach a short course, interact with faculty, and deliver a public lecture.