MESM Focus: Communication

Faculty Advisor: Lisa Leombruni

The Strategic Environmental Communication and Media (Communication) focus trains students to think strategically and communicate effectively about environmental issues. Coursework in Communication teaches students how to develop compelling environmental stories, target appropriate audiences, and craft effective environmental messages. Students learn how to use media creatively and strategically to educate, engage, and persuade, and to incite action among a variety of audiences. Students pursuing any of the seven specializations offered at the Bren School may add the Communication focus to supplement their training. Employers seek graduates who are distinguished by excellent verbal and written communication skills. The Communication focus began as a joint initiative of the Bren School and UCSB’s Carsey-Wolf Center in 2013.

Course Work

MESM students may choose to take communication courses as electives. Four (4) units of 400-level course work may be counted toward the MESM degree. Students may earn a Communication focus by completing 12 units, including ESM 440, ESM 449 and 4 units of Communication electives. Enrollment in ESM 440 requires an application and approval by the instructor. Students who would like to pursue the Communication focus must complete the Supplement to Program of Study form and submit the form to the Communication Faculty Advisor for review and approval.

Communication Focus Courses (8 units required to complete focus)

1ESM 440 Strategic Environmental Communication (4 units)
ESM 449 Environmental Communication Practicum (4 units)

1Enrollment in ESM 440 requires an application and approval by the instructor.

Communication Electives (4 units required to complete focus)

Communication Electives in the Bren School

*ESM 249 Environmental Persuasion (2 units)
ESM 269 Survey Design and Environmental Public Opinion (2 units)
ESM 283 Environmental Negotiation (4 units)
ESM 296 Advanced Special Topics in Environmental Management (Environmental Data Visualization) (2 units)
ESM 430 Workshops in Environmental Science & Management (Social Media) (1 unit)
ESM 437 Writing Skills for Environmental Professionals (2 units)
ESM 438 Presentation Skills for Environmental Professionals (4 units)
ESM 441 Environmental Media Production (2 units)
ESM 442 Communication for Civic Engagement & Grassroots Organizing (2 units)

Communication Electives in other UCSB departments

FAMST 118 Sponsored Campus Production (GreenScreen) (4 units)
TMP 244 Entrepreneurial Marketing (3 units)