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Information Day

We cordially invite all admitted students to join us for our annual Information Day, Monday, April 7th, 2008.

Information Day is designed to introduce prospective admitted students to the Bren community, UCSB, and beautiful Santa Barbara.       

In an effort to aid in the decision making process, Bren faculty, staff, and current students will be available to discuss academics, student life, financial support, housing, etc.

Prior to notification of admissions in early March, all admitted students should RSVP via email to by Monday, March 31st, 2008.

We look forward to seeing you!

Admissions Packet
Shortly after you receive word from the Bren School Student Affairs office that you have been admitted, you will receive an official letter of admission from the Dean of the Bren School and an email notification from the Graduate Division. The Graduate Division email will contain a link to the Statement of Legal Residency and the Statement of Intent to Register (SIR). In the event you decide not to enroll, please complete the SIR and let us know why you chose not to attend the Bren School.

International applicants and domestic applicants who require an exception (i.e. if you do not meet one of the University requirements, such as GPA below 3.0) will receive their notification from the Graduate Division. This process is slower and may take up to a month or two to receive something via email.

International applicants will also receive some very important information regarding visa applications in the admissions packet. Please read this thoroughly and, if you plan to enroll at UCSB, submit all necessary information to the Office of International Students and Scholars as soon as possible.

Financial Aid
The Bren School does not handle the FAFSA or federal student loans. This information is processed by UCSB's Financial Aid Office. If you have a question about the status of your FAFSA or student loan, please contact the Financial Aid Office directly at 805-893-2432 or stop by the office located in SAASB 2101 (we highly recommend that you ask to speak with a counselor).

As a professional school, the Bren School has a limited amount of fellowship money. Fellowships are awarded based on merit (i.e. high GPA and GRE scores) and typically go to the top few applicants.  All 2008/09 fellowship recipients have already been notified via email.

For more information on financing your education at the Bren School, please see our Financial Support page on the Bren web site.

California Residency
Residency is determined by the UCSB Registrar's Office. If you are a domestic nonresident, you may establish residency in California after one year (366 days). International students are not able to establish residency. 

Note: Individuals who graduated from a California high school may be eligible for California residency, regardless of the length of time residing outside the state.  Please read the Statement of Legal Residency form carefully for eligibilty requirements.

If you have any questions about your residency status, please contact the Office of the Registrar directly at 805-893-3033.

Information on housing can be found on the Community Housing Office web site, or by calling them at 805-893-4371.

In addition, we create a housing list serve in early summer for incoming students to collaborate on the house-hunting process. If you will be attending the Bren School in the fall, you will receive a letter from Student Affairs in early summer explaining how to join the mailing list.

Domestic students receive registration information from the Registrar's Office during the summer. If you do not receive your registration packet in the mail by mid-September, please contact the Registrar's Office at 805-893-3592 or stop by the office located in SAASB 1105.

New students do not need to register until the beginning of September. We will post the Bren School schedule of classes on the web in early summer. When you schedule your classes, please refer to our online schedule and not the booklet you receive in the mail from the Registrar, as it is frequently incorrect.

Note: International students obtain their registration materials directly from the Office of the Registrar upon arrival at UCSB. Please stop by the office located in SAASB 1105.

Fees & Tuition
The University of California charges fees and tuition. However, tuition is paid only by non-California residents and international students. The current costs for attending UCSB can be found on the Office of the Registrar's web site.

The exact fee/tuition amounts for the 2007-08 academic year will not be announced by the UC Regents until mid-summer 2008.

International Applicants
International applicants with questions regarding visa applications, finances, housing, employment, registration, etc. should contact the Office of International Students and Scholars at or 805-893-2929. This office is specifically designed to serve the needs of international students and is very helpful in guiding you through this process.

Visa applications have become a more stringent and lengthy process, and it is very important that you communicate with the OISS as soon as possible. Failure to complete the proper steps in the visa application process can delay your entry into the United States or lead to entry denial. Please read the OISS web site at the link above for more information.

Address/Email Change
If you move or change your email address, please notify us by emailing as soon as possible. We send out a lot of information, and we do not want to you to miss anything!

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Affairs office at or at 805-893-7611.