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MESM 2019 Summer Internships


#Brenternship - Summer 2018

Laura Gray (MESM 2019) and Garrett Goto (MESM 2019) travelled to aquaculture farms around California to speak with growers, document shellfish culture methods, and evaluate the terminology used in permitting by the relevant state agencies. They also spent time in Seattle, Washington where they worked with collaborators at NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center to run a feed trial for finfish aquaculture. Along with the other members of Eco-Entrepreneurship team Actino, they are exploring how the use of a plant-based multifunctional feed additive may help aquaculturists improve their feed efficiency and enhance the efficacy of vegetable-based diets.

As part of her internship with the U.S. Forest Service, Laura Wolf (MESM 2019) is marking trees to be retained in a plot that will be thinned to mitigate future fires.

Matthew Warham (MESM 2019) worked in American Samoa as the Fisheries and Coral Reef Management Intern with the Coral Reef Advisory Group at the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources, where he has gained field experience in coral reef management along with the opportunity to participate in and present at the 40th U.S. Coral Reef Task Force Meeting hosted in Pago Pago, American Samoa.

Maddison Meltzer (MESM 2019) interned with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Coral Reef Conservation Program in Miami where she used her GIS skills to map vessels anchored to reefs.

Paige FitzGibbon, along with classmates Marina Lindsay and Eric Holmes (all MESM 2019), spent the summer interning in Nevada with The Nature Conservancy as part of their group project. While there, they gathered data on the ecosystem services provided by the Carson and Walker rivers, and explored the feasibility of a market-based approach to water and habitat conservation.

Charlene Kormondy (MESM 2019) interned in the Water Permits Division of the Office of Water at the EPA in Washington, D.C. She had the chance to meet Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler and explore many iconic Washington, D.C. places.

Jessica Gomez (MESM 2019) spent her summer interning in the Sekenani Research Center for Resilience and Space Research at the Maasai Mara University in Kenya where she joined a team of young eco-entrepreneurs working on a pilot study to bring new types of visitors to experience the nature of the savannas of East Africa.

Raising awareness for the endangered dugong, Mario Colon (MESM 2019) protested the U.S. Department of Defense construction of an American airbase in Okinawa as part of his work with the Center for Biological Diversity.

During her conservation internship with the Environmental Defense Center and Channel Island National Marine Sanctuary, Molly Williams (MESM 2019) worked on the Vessel Speed Reduction Initiative and outreach regarding Marine Protected Areas.

Caitlin Martin (MESM 2019) was a research intern at Patagonia’s headquarters in Ventura, CA on the Material Innovation team. She spent time analyzing how Patagonia products can incorporate new material technologies to reduce water use and carbon emissions compared to traditional materials.


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Matt Panopio (MESM 2019) spent his summer setting the groundwork for Lyft’s first ever corporate sustainability report. As an EDF Climate Corps Sustainability Fellow, Matt worked to advance the rideshare company’s sustainability initiatives by providing them with a measurement of their baseline carbon footprint.

Juliette Verstaen (MESEM 2019) contributes to invasive lion fish removal as part a Future Parks Leader Intern in Biscayne National Park, Florida. She worked on determining a connection between coral health and target game fish in order to improve park management practices.

Here, Giovanna Davila (MESM 2019) is showing guests around research stations at an interactive event she helped plan to kick off the new vision for the Ocean Science Education building as part of her joint internship with the Bren School and Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary as a Strategic Communication Intern.

Derek Yamane (MESM 2019) says he gained “invaluable experience in science-based government work” during his internship with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM).

Marina Lindsay (MESM 2019) spent time in Douglas County, Nevada working with The Nature Conservancy at their River Fork Ranch project site. Her research included an ecosystem service evaluation, watershed analysis, and market feasibility study to help promote existing conservation efforts in the area.Cheyenne Coxon, Lucy Genoa, and Meghan Bowen (all MESM 2019) spent their summer internships with the Irvine Ranch Conservancy (IRC). They performed an assessment of unauthorized hiking trails for a portion of a Natural Resources Management Plan for Crystal Cove State Park. They also met with Park managers to visit a successful prickly pear restoration site, which is a critical nesting habitat for the federally threatened coastal cactus wren.