Career Development: Program Highlights

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Bren Connect: A Stronger Network for a Greater ImpactPowerful Network of Contacts

Bren students join a close-knit Bren community as well as a network of over 1.7 million in the University of California. With highly engaged alumni, the Bren School has a strong network for developing job and internship opportunities and connecting across class years.

Students interact regularly with alumni via career talks, networking events, and individual electronic, phone, and in-person exchanges facilitated by BrenConnect, an online networking platform for Bren students and alumni.

BrenConnect: A Stronger Network for a Greater Impact

BrenConnect Online Networking PlatformA platform for Bren networking, collaboration, and recruitment, BrenConnect allows students and alumni to:

  • Access 24/7 Bren career resources from resume
    examples to salary-negotiation strategies.
  • Connect with alumni via a robust Alumni Finder,
    searchable by field, organization, location, and more.
  • Find jobs/internships and collaborate with fellow Bren change-makers through Networking Groups used to share employment opportunities, ask questions, and exchange expertise and advice.