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Employer Services

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Thank you for your interest in recruiting or advertising a position to Bren students and alumni! We distribute postings daily to the Bren community and are happy to connect you to talented environmental problem-solvers who can contribute to your organization's growth and success.

1) Recruit Bren Students or Alumni for Your Specific Needs
For assistance recruiting students and/or alumni who might be a good fit for your specific needs, please reach out to the Career Development and Alumni Relations Team at

2) Advertise Jobs or Internships to Bren Students and Alumni
We are happy to share jobs, summer internships, and during-the-year positions that match well with Bren student and/or alumni backgrounds and offer excellent experience.

To request advertising full-time, part-time, internship, or volunteer position(s), please email the Career Development and Alumni Relations Team at with the following information (via a website link, attached PDF, or directly in the body of the email):

  1. Brief Job/Internship Description: What will the student/graduate be doing? Where does the position take place?
  2. Hours: What hours are required and how flexible are you with hours/days?
  3. Length of Position: How many weeks will the student be working? Is the position full-time or part-time?
  4. Compensation: What and how are you paying that student/graduate (e.g. hourly, stipend, salary)?
  5. Requirements: What background/experience are you looking for?
  6. Organization Information: Please provide a link where the student/graduate can learn more about your organization and/or the position.
  7. How to Apply: How should the student/graduate apply? Please mention required documents (resume, cover letter, etc.), email address/contact person they should send their application materials to, and/or online application link if applicable.
  8. Contact Information: Is there someone the student/graduate should reach out to if they have questions?
  9. Deadline: Final application submission date.