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Note: Current Bren School students can find more comprehensive information regarding internships, including a list of key places to look for opportunities, helpful websites for internship searches, and internship postings, on the Bren School Online Network (this website is password-secured).

Professional experience allows students to learn about a particular field, develop contacts, and apply what they have learned in the classroom to real world situations. Coming out of a professional school with no practical experience and/or no internship experience is undesirable to most employers. In fact, practical experience ranks at the top of the list of what employers would like to see in job candidates.

    As such, the Bren School places a strong emphasis on professional experience. Students are encouraged to complete an internship during the summer between their first and second years. Additionally, students are advised to participate in professional memberships, conferences, part-time positions, fellowships, group projects, site visits, and practical class assignments.

    MESM Internship Placement Statistics

    Through the Bren School’s comprehensive internship program, students in the MESM Class of 2015 secured internships in a variety of organizations, sectors and locations. Here are some statistics regarding the internship placement for the MESM Class of 2015.

    Kurt Heinze working in Geneva

    Kurt Heinze (MESM 2012) at work during a summer
    internship in Geneva, Switzerland