MESM Class of 2007 Resumes

Graduates with a Career Interest in
Corporate Environmental Management

Zachary Bradford Green Supply Chain Management; Resource Productivity with a focus on Rebound Effects; Renewable Energy; Green Building
Gabriel Brown Work with Companies to Facilitate Practical and Cost Effective Solutions to Environmental Challenges with a focus in the areas of Resource and Energy Efficiency, Internal Controls, and Corporate Environmental Strategy; Assist Companies in obtaining 3rd Party Certifications such as ISO 14001, as well as Implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley
Erin Claybaugh Environmental Assessment and Analysis, including Life Cycle Analysis and Environmental Management Systems; Corporate Environmental Strategies and Solutions; Environmental Marketing; Corporate Environmental Management; Green Supply Chain Management
Caitlin Crafts Environmental Business Strategies and Solutions; Environmental Investment, Marketing, and Development Strategies with a focus on Climate Change, Renewable Energy, and Corporate Social Responsibility; Environmental Strategy Consulting and Risk Management
Bliss Dennen Develop Corporate Environmental Strategies and Programs Related to Green Supply Chain Management, Product Life Cycle Assessment, and Social Responsibility; Integrate Uniformity into Corporate Environmental Reporting through the Adoption of Standardized Reporting Methods such as the Global Reporting Initiative, the UN Global Compact, and ISO 14001; Manage Projects on Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Greenhouse Gas Reduction
Ryan DiGiondomenico Conservation Planning with an emphasis in Climate Change and Land Use Planning; Ecosystem Ecology and Restoration; Corporate Environmental Management/Mitigation Strategies; Environmental Policy Analysis
Theodore Ehlert Capital Markets and Asset Management
Erin Fisher Environmental Strategies and Solutions; Green Supply Chain Management; Corporate Social Responsibility; Corporate Environmental Management; Environmental Policy Analysis; Corporate Environmental Strategy
Luna Fakhouri Corporate Social Responsibility; Socially Responsible Investment; Climate Change Management/Mitigation Strategies; Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy; Greenhouse Gas Inventory; Environmental Analysis and Risk Assessment; Business Management and Regulatory Compliance
Christopher Gleason Economics of Environmental Management and Policy with an emphasis in Energy and Climate Change; Corporate Environmental Management and Strategy
Avra Goldman Corporate Environmental Management; Sustainable Business Practices; Pollution Prevention; Greenhouse Gas Inventory; Climate Change Mitigation Strategies; Alternative Energy and Efficiency Solutions; Industrial Ecology; Green Building, LEED Certification
Li-Chin Huang Corporate Environmental Management; Product Life Cycle and Green Supply Chain Management; Environmental Marketing Strategies; Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency; Tradable Permit Schemes; Environmental Risk and Impact Assessment
Amy Jewel Research, Analysis, and Implementation of Sustainability Projects; Environmental Management; Sustainable Business Practices; Corporate Environmental Strategy; Corporate Social Responsibility; Green Building, LEED Certification; Energy Efficiency; Greenhouse Gas Inventories and Reduction Strategies; Sustainability Reporting and Education
James Kallaos Life Cycle Approach to Green Design: Materials, Products, Green Building, Transportation, and Land Use Planning
Amy Kidd Environmental Strategies and Solutions; Environmental Management Systems; Environmental Assessment; Corporate Social Responsibility
Nicholas Kordesch Corporate Environmental Strategy; Renewable and Solar Energy; Climate Change Mitigation; Industrial Ecology/Life Cycle Assessment; Sustainable Transportation; Green Marketing; Scenario Planning; Corporate Social Responsibility
William Kost Risk Management; Strategic Planning/Management; Project Management; Scenario Planning; Chemicals; Pharmaceuticals; Nanotechnology
Renee Lafrenz Corporate Social Responsibility; Sustainable Innovation; Scenario Planning; Non-profit Development; Public Outreach, including Youth; Green Event Planning, including Sustainable Catering
Robert Larkin Renewable Energy Development; Energy Consulting with an emphasis in Green Building; Sustainable Business
James Lee Environmental Law; Urban Planning; Transportation Planning
Brent Miller Corporate Environmental Management; Energy; Environmental Risk and Assessment
Hannah Muller Environmental Policy Analysis and Communications; Environmental Politics and Policy Development; Competitive Environmental Strategy, including Climate Change Strategy and Planning; Land Use Planning; Green Building and Sustainable Design
Sarah Herder Nathan Transportation and Energy Efficiency; Corporate Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility; Environmental Management for Product Life Cycle; Green Supply Chain Management; Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Reduction
Aubrey Spilde Transportation Planning; Corporate Social Responsibility; Climate Change Policy; Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy; Green Building
Lijin Sun Environmental Risk Management; Market-based Environmental Solutions; Environmental Analysis and Strategic Planning; Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies; Corporate Social Responsibility and Regulatory Compliance; Green Product Design and Marketing; Product Recycling; Energy Efficiency
Mark Weeks Design for the Environment; Sustainability; Earth Systems; Dynamics; Atmosphere; Climate; Water; Energy
Crispin Wong Policy Analysis and Communications; Green Product Development; Environmental Performance Metrics and Analytical Modeling; Corporate Social Responsibility; Environmental Marketing Strategy
Margaret Zahller Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy; Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies; Industrial Ecology; Corporate Social Responsibility; Economic Policy; Land Use Planning


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