MESM Class of 2007 Resumes

Graduates with a Career Interest in
Economics and Policy

Zachary Bradford Policy Analysis, with particular interests in Agriculture, Fisheries, Water Quality, Coastal Marine issues, and Climate Change
Yolanda Crous Frame Environmental Issues for Public Consumption; Communication of Scientific and Technical knowledge; Strategies to change Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors; Environmental Media; Environmental Policy; Environmental Paralegal Work; Environmental Education at Aquariums, Zoos, and Museums
Matthew Elke Political Economy of the Environment
Erin Fisher Corporate Environmental and Strategic Management; Environmental Strategies and Solutions; Environmental Management Systems; Green Supply Chain Management; Corporate Social Responsibility; Environmental Policy Analysis; Environmental Marketing; Corporate Sustainability; Increased Efficiency with Energy, Resources, Water, and Waste
Anthony Fournier Environmental Policy/Project Analysis; Development and Management with an emphasis in Air Quality and Climate Change
Deborah Glaser Natural Resources Management and Policy with an emphasis in Marine, Coastal, and Water Issues; Policy/Project Analysis and Development with an emphasis in Energy/Renewable Energy Policy and Climate Change Mitigation; International Development and Environmental Management
Christopher Gleason The Economics of Environmental Management and Policy with an emphasis in Energy and Climate Change; Corporate Environmental Management and Strategy
Hannah Muller Environmental Policy Analysis and Communications; Environmental Politics and Policy Development; Competitive Environmental Strategy, including Climate Change Strategy and Planning; Land Use Planning; Green Building and Sustainable Design
Marie-Claire Munnelly Policy/Project Analysis and Development with an emphasis in Climate Mitigation Strategies and Industrial Ecology; Identify Economic Opportunities and Feasibility Related to Environmental Responsibility (for both Government and Corporations)
Aubrey Spilde Transportation Planning; Corporate Social Responsibility; Climate Change Policy; Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy; Green Building
Daniel Sussman Integrated Watershed Management with an emphasis in Trans-boundary Water Resources Management, River Restoration, and Water Policy Development
Stacy Tellinghuisen Water Resources Management with a focus in Watershed and Land Use Planning, the Energy/Water Nexus, and Water Supply Planning and Policy
Kaleena Wheeler Link Science and Policy to Prevent and Remediate Pollution and Manage Water Resources
Crispin Wong Policy Analysis and Communications; Green Product Development; Environmental Performance Metrics and Analytical Modeling; Corporate Social Responsibility; Environmental Marketing Strategy
Margaret Zahller Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy; Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies; Industrial Ecology; Corporate Social Responsibility; Economic Policy; Land Use Planning


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