MESM Class of 2007 Resumes

Graduates with a Career Interest in

Maya Dehner Watershed and River Basin Management; Aquatic Ecology; Environmental Justice; Sustainable Development
Anthony Fournier Environmental Policy/Project Analysis; Development and Management with an emphasis in Air Quality and Climate Change
Deborah Glaser International Environmental Policy with an emphasis in Conflict Drivers and Post-conflict Assessment and Management/Reconstruction; Natural Resources Management and Sustainable Development in Developing Countries; International Development and Environmental Management; Climate Change Policy and Adaptation in Small Island Developing States
Stephanie Hsia Conservation Planning; International Conservation; Land Use Planning; Sustainable Development; Green Building and Green Design
William Kost Consulting; Project Management; Chemical Engineering
Marie-Claire Munnelly Policy/Project Analysis and Development with an emphasis in Climate Mitigation Strategies and Industrial Ecology; Identify Economic Opportunities and Feasibility Related to Environmental Responsibility (for both Government and Corporations)
Karen Setty Sustainable Watershed Management (International and National); Water Treatment Technology and Water Quality Assessment; Aquatic Ecology; Indigenous Natural Resources Management
Joanne Siew Environmental/Watershed Assessment and Planning; Integrated and Adaptive Water Resources Management; International Development
Daniel Sussman Integrated Watershed Management with an emphasis in Trans-boundary Water Resources Management, River Restoration, and Water Policy Development


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