MESM Class of 2007 Resumes

Graduates with a Career Interest in
Land Use Planning and Sustainable Development

Zachary Bradford Land Use Planning with an emphasis in Sustainable Communities and Green Building Design; Sustainable Development
Elliot Chasin Conservation Planning with an emphasis in the Effects of Climate Change on Biodiversity and Land Use Planning
Ryan DiGiondomenico Conservation Planning with an emphasis in Climate Change and Land Use Planning; Ecosystem Ecology and Restoration; Corporate Environmental Management/Mitigation Strategies; Environmental Policy Analysis
Stephanie Hsia Conservation Planning; International Conservation; Land Use Planning; Sustainable Development; Green Building and Green Design
James Kallaos Life Cycle Approach to Green Design: Materials, Products, Green Building, Transportation, and Land Use Planning
Emmeline Kiyan Conservation and Regional Planning with an emphasis in Land and Water Use; Urban Development Patterns; Natural Resources Ecology and Management; Environmental Education and Public Outreach
Maria Mircheva Sustainable Development; Renewable Energy; Resource Efficiency; Natural Resources Management
Hannah Muller Environmental Policy Analysis and Communications; Environmental Politics and Policy Development; Competitive Environmental Strategy, including Climate Change Strategy and Planning; Land Use Planning; Green Building and Sustainable Design
Toby Perry Conservation Planning and Land Use Planning with an emphasis in Natural Resources Management, Ecosystem Management, Restoration, and Sustainable Development
Joanne Siew Environmental/Watershed Assessment and Planning; Integrated and Adaptive Water Resources Management; International Development
Nathan Snider Conservation Planning; Applied Ecology and Sustainable Development with an emphasis in the Impacts of Climate Change
Stacy Tellinghuisen Water Resources Management with a focus in Watershed and Land Use Planning, the Energy/Water Nexus, and Water Supply Planning and Policy
Margaret Zahller Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy; Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies; Industrial Ecology; Corporate Social Responsibility; Economic Policy; Land Use Planning


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