MESM Class of 2007 Resumes

Graduates with a Career Interest in
Water Resources and Water Quality Management

Drew Beckwith Water Resources Management with an emphasis in Sustainable Watershed Management Plans, Integrated Regional Water Management Planning, Watershed Modeling, Resource Efficiency, and Water Rights
Christy Ciarametaro Water Resources Management, including Water Quality, Watershed Management, and Stormwater and Watershed Modeling
Maya Dehner Watershed and River Basin Management; Aquatic Ecology; Environmental Justice; Sustainable Development
Gina Gerritzen Consulting with an emphasis in Pollution Prevention, Site Investigation and Remediation, and Soil and Water Quality Management; Science-Policy Interface
Dawn Hock Water Resources Management with an emphasis in Watershed Management and Restoration
Keith Killpack Pollution Remediation and Water Resources Management with an emphasis in Remediation Technologies for Polluted Land and Water Bodies and Water Supply, both Quantity and Quality
Dana Larson Environmental Assessment; Wind and Solar Development Projects; Coastal Watershed Management; Land Use Planning; Sustainable Development
Cheryl Lee Environmental Policy with an emphasis in Energy and Water; Water Resources Management; Energy Efficiency; Renewable Energy Development
Michael Rossiter Water Resources Management, including Stormwater Management, Flood Control Strategies, and Overall Watershed Management
Karen Setty Sustainable Watershed Management (International and National); Water Treatment Technology and Water Quality Assessment; Aquatic Ecology; Indigenous Natural Resources Management
Joanne Siew Environmental/Watershed Assessment and Planning; Integrated and Adaptive Water Resources Management; International Development
Daniel Sussman Integrated Watershed Management with an emphasis in Trans-boundary Water Resources Management, River Restoration, and Water Policy Development
Stacy Tellinghuisen Water Resources Management with a focus in Watershed and Land Use Planning, the Energy/Water Nexus, and Water Supply Planning and Policy
Mark Weeks Design for the Environment; Sustainability; Earth Systems; Dynamics; Atmosphere; Climate; Water; Energy
Kaleena Wheeler Link Science and Policy to Prevent and Remediate Pollution and Manage Water Resources
Dayna Yocum Water Resources Management with an emphasis in Integrated Watershed Management, Estuarine Wetland Restoration, and Water Quality Monitoring


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