Corporate Environmental Management (CEM) - Overview

Upon graduation, students pursuing the Corporate Environmental Management (CEM) specialization at the Bren School will find themselves equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to assume leadership and managerial positions in corporations and other business entities. Please follow the links below for further information on Corporate Environmental Management career opportunities.


Students in our CEM specialization have been able to secure a wide variety of different internships and job placements over the years at the international, national, and local levels. For a list of some of the places that our past CEM graduates have either interned at or over the years please visit our CEM Internships and Employment page. Additional resources pertaining to CEM, including information about professional organizations, journals, and fellowships, can be found on our

Additional Resources website.


Corporate Environmental Management (CEM) grounds students in how private-sector firms may address environmental and natural resource issues in a manner that also promotes shareholder value, thus creating the important link between the quality of environmental and natural resources and a firm’s overall market objectives. For more details, please visit our CEM specialization

Description and Course Work webpage.

Job Titles

It is clear that the business sector is rapidly moving to embrace sustainability in business practices and to move environmental product and process issues squarely into the center of strategic planning and competitive advantage. The demand for people who can integrate these issues with the traditional functional areas of business is growing and will continue to be strong in the foreseeable future. The list below demonstrates career titles for CEM specializations.

  • Sustainability Consultant

  • Compliance/Regulation Specialist

  • Science/Field Manager

  • Corporate Environmental Manager

  • Environmental Affairs Officer

  • Environmental Health & Safety

  • AnalystJournalist/Media Specialist

  • Public Relations

  • Sales/Retail Specialist

  • Product Designer

  • Entrepreneur

  • Corporate Financial/Investor

  • Corporate Liaison

  • Environmental Health & Safety Analyst