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The Bren School places a strong emphasis on gaining professional experience. Internships are an excellent way to network with professionals in your field and offer a great opportunity to gain practical training and experience. Many times, internships can lead to permanent employment.

Students specializing in Coastal Marine Resources Management at the Bren School have found career positions with consulting firms, non-profit organizations, government, industry and more. If you would like to learn more about the placement of Bren School alumni, please see the Bren School Career Placement Statistics page.

The following links provide a number of key organizations you might explore that offer coastal marine resources management internships and employment opportunities.


The following companies offer national and international internship opportunities:

International Marine Internships

National Marine Internships

Local Marine Internships

To learn more about internship opportunities that Bren students have experienced in Coastal Marine Resources Management related fields and in other environmental disciplines, please visit our Career Services Internship pages (NOTE: This site also contains restricted internship sites for current Bren students only). The Career Services division maintains professional relationships with those organizations that have facilitated internship experiences with Bren students and alumni.


To learn more about employment opportunities in Coastal Marine Resources related fields and in other environmental disciplines, please visit our Career Services Employment pages.

The following organizations offer employment in Coastal Marine Resources Management: