PhD Research - Elizabeth Hiroyasu

MESM, University of California, Santa Barbara; BS  Biology, University of California, Los Angeles

Elizabeth Hiroyasu is interested in the ecology of invasive wild pigs in California and the implications for the communities they invade. She plans to study the population dynamics of this prolific invasive to determine its effects across the landscape, including such sensitive natural environments as oak woodlands, riparian corridors, and native grasslands. Wild pigs also have important economic consequences for ecosystem services, ranching operations, and agriculture in the state, and Elizabeth hopes that her research will be useful in developing more efficient and robust management techniques for invaded habitats in California.

Year Admitted: 
Research Areas:  Invasive Species, Community Ecology, Landscape Ecology, Population Dynamics
Faculty Advisor: Bruce Kendall


Fellowship awards:
Bren School of Environmental Science & Management Fellowship, 2014