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"Climate Leadership in California: is AB-32 working?"

Roland Geyer, Associate Professor, Bren School
Kyle C. Meng, Assistant Professor, Bren School
David Auston, Executive Director, Institute for Energy Efficiency, UCSB

Monday, Jan. 26, 2015
11:30 - 12:45
Bren Hall 1414

"AB-32 was a groundbreaking piece of legislation, but passing the bill was only the first step. This panel will explore the effect AB-32 has had on the state's technology, economy, and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as how California might become a model for the rest of the world as it prepares to mitigate and adapt to anthropogenic climate change."

— Spencer Middleton, MESM student host

Roland Geyer

Kyle C. Meng

David Auston



With the passage of The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB-32), California established the first statewide plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, including a goal of producing one-third of the state’s electricity from renewable sources by 2020 and introducing the first statewide cap-and-trade system for carbon emissions. This panel of energy and climate experts will discuss California's climate progress to date as well as the policies, technologie,s and market mechanisms that will enable the state to achieve 2020 emissions goals.


Roland Geyer
Born and educated in Germany, Roland Geyer came to the Bren School in 2003 and now teaches courses at the intersection of energy, technology, and the environment, as well as in the emerging field of industrial ecology. Dr. Geyer holds an MS in Physics from Technical University Berlin, Germany and a PhD in Engineering from the University of Surrey, UK.

Kyle C. Meng
As an economist with training in engineering and atmospheric physics, Dr. Meng explores particular empirical settings selected to inform upon a world under anthropogenic climate change, including the study of the development of 20th-century U.S. coal-fired electricity capacity to inform a future low-carbon energy transition. Dr. Meng holds a PhD and MA in Sustainable Development from Columbia University.

David Auston
David Auston is Executive Director of the Institute for Energy Efficiency and Executive Director of the Center for Energy Efficient Materials at UCSB. A native of Toronto, Canada, Dr. Auston earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in engineering physics and electrical engineering from the University of Toronto and a PhD in electrical engineering from the UC Berkeley.


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