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A PhD Seminar

"Introduction to the UCSB Natural Reserve System
and Opportunities for PhDs"

Patricia Holden: Director, UCSB Natural Reserve System; Professor, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management (Panel Facilitator)

Andrew Brooks: Deputy Program Director, Moorea Coral Reef Long-Term Ecological Site; Director, Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve (Panelist)
Kevin Lafferty:
Senior Ecologist, US Geological Survey; Adjunct Faculty, UCSB; Associated Director; Coal Oil Point Reserve (Panelist)
Lyndal Laughrin: Director/Manager, Santa Cruz Island Reserve (Panelist)
Cristina Sandoval: Director, Coal Oil Point Reserve (Panelist)
Sue Swarbrick:
Associate Director, UCSB Natural Reserve System (Panelist)

Monday, May 11, 2015
11:30 - 12:20
Bren Hall 1414

Andrew Brooks

Kevin Lafferty

Lyndal Laughrin

Cristina Sandoval

Sue Swarbrick

The UCSB Natural Reserve System (NRS) consists of seven unique sites managed by UCSB for research, university education, and community outreach. In stewarding reserves that are part of the overall 39-site UC NRS, UCSB provides natural and cultural resources while supporting reserve users at all levels. Doctoral students and postdocs conduct cutting-edge research across disciplines and subject areas that include soil ecosystem ecology, climate processes, hydrology, botany, archaeology, parasitology, food web ecology, restoration ecology, and the humanities (art, writing, and history). This panel will raise awareness about exciting career opportunities at the reserves, particularly for PhD students, reflecting the fact that many NRS staff, including reserve directors, hold PhDs.


Andrew Brooks focuses his research primarily on the relationships between habitat complexity and population and community dynamics of marine organisms. Since the early 1980s, he has conducted research in a variety of ecosystems, including temperate kelp forests, coastal wetlands, and coral reefs .

Kevin Lafferty studies disease ecology and conservation biology. He has conducted research at Carpinteria Salt Marsh, Coal Oil Point, and Santa Cruz Island Reserves since the 1980s.

Lyndal Laughrin is an ecologist who focuses on avian and small-mammal behavior and ecology. He has been the director/manager of Santa Cruz Island Reserve since 1970.

Cristina Sandoval taught at the UCSB College of Creative Studies and conducted research regarding the ecological specialization of walking-stick insects before working at the Coal Oil Point Reserve. Today she manages conservation and education programs, acquire grants to support the programs, and administers the daily activities in the reserve.

Sue Swarbrick is an ecologist whose research has focused on the structure and dynamics of communities and the regulation of insect pests by their natural enemies. She has participated in field research programs at many reserves and field stations.


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