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Dec. 4, 2013
Community Colloquium, Stephanie Dashiell, California Desert Associate, Defenders of Wildlife "Landscape-scale Planning for Renewable Energy and Conservation: Challenges and Opportunities in the California Desert." (more)

Nov. 25, 2013
Community Colloquium, Dean's Advisory Council Panel, Satie Airamé, Steve Gaines, Lindsey Peavey  "Opportunities and Challenges in Using Science to Inform Public Policy." (more)

Nov. 20, 2013
Community Colloquium, Bonnie G. Colby, Professor, Department of Resource Economics, University of Arizona  "Trading Risk, Water, and Money: Refining Water Markets." (more)

Nov. 18, 2013
Community Colloquium, Gary Dirks, Director, Global Institute of Sustainability; Professor, School of Sustainability, Arizona State University "Energy in Transition." (more)

Nov. 6, 2013
Community Environmental Justice Colloquium,Mary B. Collins, PhD, Bren School alumna and Postdoctoral Fellow, the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center, University of Maryland  "Applied Environmental Justice: History and Practice." (more)

Oct. 30, 2013
Research Colloquium, Leaf Van Boven, PhD, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, University of Colorado, Boulder  "Perceiving American Political Polarization: Attitude Extremity, Partisan Identification, and Policy Implications." (more)

Oct. 29, 2013
Bren Hall Dean's Conference Room
PhD Dissertation Defense, Erin Bray  "Physical controls to hydrologic exchange and heat exchange at different scales in a large lowland river."

Oct. 23, 2013
Community Colloquium, Ronald Turco, PhD, Department of Agronomy, Purdue University; Director, Purdue Water Community  "Toward a Better Understanding of the Role of Soil Microbiology in Agricultural Production." (more)

Oct. 18, 2013 
Bren Hall (Various Rooms)
Water Entrepreneurship Workshop (more)

Oct. 14, 2013
Community Colloquium, Jerry J. Brown, PhD, Founding Professor, Global & Sociocultural Studies, Florida International University) —"The Hydrogen Revolution." (more)

Oct. 9, 2013
Community Colloquium, Michael Conrardy, Environmental Consultant, AECOM (MESM, 2010) —"CEQA Greenhouse Gas Assessment: The Wild West."(more)

Aug. 12, 2013 
PhD Dissertation Defense, Jaime Sainz Santamaria —"How do protests shape public policy?The case of protests and water policy outcomes in Mexico." (more)

June 28, 2013
PhD Dissertation Defense, Conrado Rudorff —"Flooding and carbon dynamics on the lower Amazon floodplain." (more)

June 21, 2013
PhD Dissertation Defense, Annelen Kahl —"Reconstruction of heterogeneous snow water equivalent from MODIS imagery and energy balance modeling." (more)

June 14, 2013
Bren Hall Michael J. Connell Memorial Courtyard
2013 Bren School Commencement Exercises, Dr. Jane Lubchenco, keynote speaker — "Sea to D.C.: Navigating Uncertain Worlds." (more)

June 7, 2013
PhD Dissertation Defense, Randall Mielke, "Nanomaterials' Influences on the Emergence of Life and their Toxic Effects on Bacteria and Protozoa." (more)

June 3, 2013
Community Colloquium, Guilherme Dutra, Marine Program Director, Conservation International Brazil "Challenges for Rebuilding Small-Scale Fisheries in the Abrolhos Seascape in Brazil." (more)

May 30, 2013
Community Colloquium, Mark Nechodom, Director, California Department of Conservation "Water Markets and Ecosystem Services: Toward a perforamance-based strategy for environmental uplift." (more)

May 28, 2013
Community Colloquium, Geoff Slaff, Professor, Technology Management Program at UCSB, President, GFSlaff Consultancy "Assessing Sustainability of Supply Chains: Operations in Environmental Management." (more)

May 20, 2013
Community Colloquium, Clay Landry, Managing Director, WestWater Research "Water Transfers and Markets - A New Era for Urban Water Management." (more)

May 15, 2013
Community Colloquium, Zurich Financial Services Distinguished Visitor on Climate Change Don Wuebbles, Professor of Atmospheric Science, University of Illinois "Severe Weather in The U.S. under a Changing Climate." (more)

May 6, 2013
Community Colloquium, Tamin Pechet, CEO, Banyan Water and Chairman, Imagine H2O "The Water Opportunity." (more)

May 2, 2013
Community Colloquium, Jay R. Lund, Director, UC Davis Watershed Sciences Center "Can We Stop Undermining Our Water Supplies? Groundwater and California's Water Future." (more)

May 1, 2013
Community Colloquium, Roger Kintz, Dept. of Toxic Substance, CalEPA; Luis Olmedo, Executive Director, Comité Civico del Valle, Imperial Valley "Environmental Justice in an Era of Social Media" (more)

April 30, 2013
Community Colloquium, Faculty Panel, Sarah Anderson, Matt Potoski, Jim Salzman "Pragmatism vs. Idealism in Environmental Management: Lose the Green-Tinted Glasses?" (more)

April 24, 2013
Community Colloquium, Anna Creti, Professor of Economics, Universit?? Paris Ouest Nanterre la D??fense, France "European Market for CO2 Permits: Myths and Reality." (more)

April 23, 2013
Community Colloquium, Ellen Hanak, Senior Fellow, Public Policy Institute of California, "What do water markets and groundwater banking have to do with sustainable water management?" (more)

April 22, 2013
Community Colloquium, Ricardo Salvador, Senior Scientist and Director of the Food & Environmental Program, Union of Concerned Scientists — "Creating a Food Utopia from Food Dystopia: What Needs to Happen?" (more)

April 22, 2013
Community Colloquium, Ed Fendley, Policy Advisor and Program Manager, Office of Sustainable Communities, US EPA — "Beyond Regulations: How The US EPA is Helping American Communities Become Walkable and Bikeable... and Economically Competitive." (more)

April 18, 2013
Community Colloquium, Zurich Financial Services Distinguished Visitor on Climate Change, Margaret Davidson, Director, Office of Coastal Resource Management, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) — "How Big Should my Water Wings Be?" (more)

April 17, 2013
Community Colloquium,
Stephen Polasky, University of Minnesota, "Valuing Nature: Incorporating Ecosystem Services into Decision Making." (more)

April 12, 2013
Bren School Master's Project Final Presentations.

March 4, 2013
Community Colloquium, Carrie Sanneman, Willamette Partnership, Portland, Oregon ???"Ecosystem Service Markets: Catalyzing Investment in Conservation."??(more)

Feb. 27, 2013
Community Colloquium,??Andrea S??enz-Arroyo, Science Director, Comunidad y Biodiversidad A.C.?????"Basic Institutional Arrangements Required to Preserve Life in the Ocean."??(more)

Feb. 25, 2013
Community Colloquium,??James H. Selbert, President, Warren & Selbert, Inc.???????"Using Government Incentives to Increase Renewable Energy Generation in the U.S."??(more)

Feb. 20, 2013
Community Colloquium,??Sarah Fretwell, Photojournalist and Founder, The Truth Told Project???????"Conflict in the Congo: The Human Story Behind the Fight for Natural Resources."??(more)

Feb. 15, 2013
Eco-Entrepreneurship Event,??2013 Walmart Better Living Business Plan Challenge Southwest Regional Competition.??(more)

Feb. 11, 2013
Community Colloquium,??Kathy Baylis, Assistant Professor, Agriculture and Consumer Economics, University of Illinois???????"Maintaining Mexican Monarchs: Policy Evaluation in a Spatial Context."(more)

Feb. 4, 2013
Community Colloquium,??Trond Bjorndal, Professor and Director, Centre for the Economics and Management of Aquatic Resources, University of Portsmouth, UK???????"Aquaculture Development and Environmental Sustainability."??(more)

Feb. 1, 2013
Community Colloquium,??Michael Lemonick, Senior Science Journalist, Climate Central; Doug Marcy, Coastal Hazards Specialist, NOAA; James Frew, Professor, Bren School; Bruce Caron, Executive Director, New Media Studio; Jeremy Weiss, Research Specialist, University of Arizona; Lisa Jevbratt, Professor, Department of Art, UCSB; Marko Peljhan, Professor, Department of Art, UCSB???Critical Issues in America: Figuring Sea Level Rise Series,??Interactive Visioning Symposium,"Exploring Visually Rich Techniques for Conducting and Disseminating Sea Level Rise Research."??(more)

Jan. 30, 2013??
Community Colloquium,??Don Fullerton, Gutgsell Professor of Finance, University of Illinois?????"Contrary Claims of a Cranky Conservationist."

Jan. 28, 2013??
Community Colloquium,??David Jenkins, Professor, UC Berkeley???????"Better Living Through Chemistry." (more)

Jan. 23, 2013??
Community Colloquium,??Charles F. Mason, Chair, Petroleum and Natural Gas Economics, University of Wyoming???????"Uranium and Nuclear Power: The Role of Exploration Information in Framing Public Policy."(more)

Jan. 18, 2013
Eco-Entrepreneurship Event,??2013 Net Impact New Venture Competition. (more)

Jan. 17, 2013
Community Colloquium,??Charles Kolstad, Professor, Bren School???????"The Evolution of an Environmental Economist at UCSB."??(more)

Jan. 8, 2013
Community Colloquium,??Thomas Lovejoy, Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Policy, George Mason University?????"The State of the Global Environment: Reflections on Biodiversity Loss, Climate Change and Global Environment after Rio+20."??(more)


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