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A PhD Dissertation Defense

"The Life Cycle Energy-Water Usage Efficiency of Artificial Groundwater Recharge
Via the Reuse of Treated Wastewater"

Eric Fournier
PhD Candidate
Bren School

Friday, June 19, 2015
2:00 p.m.
Bren Hall Dean's Conference Room (2436)

Faculty Advisor: Arturo Keller
Committee Members: James Frew, Roland Geyer

This dissertation investigates the dynamic energy-water usage efficiency of civil engineering projects involving the recharge of subsurface groundwater aquifers via the reuse of treated municipal wastewater. For this purpose, a three-component integrated assessment model has been developed. The first component uses a cartographic modeling technique known as Weighted Overlay Analysis (WOA) to determine the location and extent of sites that are suitable for the development of groundwater recharge basins given a regional geographic context. The second component uses a novel Genetic Algorithm (GA) to address the multi-objective spatial optimization problem associated with locating corridors for the support infrastructure required to physically transport water from the treatment facility to the recharge site. The third and final component takes data about the anticipated recharge treatment source location, reuse destination location, and the proposed infrastructure corridor location and uses them to populate a spatially explicit Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) model capturing all of the process energy consumption and material inputs to the reuse system. Five case studies involving the planning of new basin scale artificial recharge systems within the state of California are presented and discussed.


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