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"The Global Energy Challenge and the Role of Technology"

Alessandro Faldi, Section Head
Emerging Energy Sciences, Corporate Strategic Research
ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company

Monday, November 28, 2011
11:30 - 12:30
Bren Hall 1414

"I am carrying out a research project with ExxonMobil on a method of quantifying water footprints that considers water-quality degradation in Life Cycle Assessment. ExxonMobil has been developing and using scenarios for their strategic and business decisions, which will be elaborated on during the colloquium. How private sectors develop and use scenarios poses interesting sustainability questions, and the colloquium presents an opportunity to learn more about it." — Sangwon Suh, host

The presentation first highlights ExxonMobil's Outlook for Energy, which reflects an assessment of global energy supply and demand through 2030 based on the underlying factors that are shaping important energy challenges around the world. As always, the Outlook for Energy focuses on several key areas of interest, including growing transportation and power-generation demands as well as the outlook for energy-related CO2 emissions.

Economic progress and growing populations, especially in developing countries, will drive energy demand approximately 35% higher in 2030 versus 2005. This demand increase is anticipated despite substantial efficiency gains, which are expected to accelerate as new technologies are developed and deployed.

Meeting the expected worldwide growth in energy demand will require an integrated set of solutions, including expanding all types of supply, improving efficiency, and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. The presentation will discuss the supply outlook, including renewable and unconventional energy sources (e.g., shale gas and oil sands). Fossil fuels will remain the dominant energy source to 2030, providing just under 80% of all energy. Wind, solar, and biofuels are likely to grow the fastest among primary energy sources, but will combine to equal only about 2.5% of the global demand in 2030.

The final part of the talk will touch on examples of how technology will play a critical role in meeting the challenges of increasing energy efficiency, expanding affordable-energy supplies, and mitigating emissions. In particular, it will highlight ExxonMobil's alliance with a leading biotech company, Synthetic Genomics Inc., to research and develop next-generation biofuels from photosynthetic algae.

Alessandro Faldi has a Laurea in chemical engineering from the Polytechnic of Milan, Italy, and a Ph D in chemical engineering from the University of Minnesota. He joined Exxon Chemical Company as a research engineer at the Baytown Polymers Center, Exxon Chemical Technology, in 1994 , where he held technical positions in materials characterization, advanced characterization, and product development. Since then, he has multiple positions in market planning and development, technology development, and strategic research. In 2010, Dr. Faldi assumed his current position. He is responsible for maintaining current, and building new, science capabilities in biosciences, environmental sciences, and emerging energy systems as well as interfacing with the external science community and managing employee career development.

NOTE: Community colloquia are generally talks of broad interest geared toward a diverse, sophisticated audience. Their purpose is not only to enhance knowledge and understanding, but also to bring people together and promote interaction that will strengthen the community.


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