Events & Media: Group Projects 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Master of Environmental Science & Management

Class of 2011
19 Group Project Final Presentations

Open to the Public

Presentations —1:00-5:30 p.m.
Poster Session & Reception 5:30-6:30 p.m.

Bren Hall and Marine Science Institute
(map see grid E5)

Please note: The top floor of UCSB’s Parking Lot 10 (Grid D6 on map) has been reserved for this event. Parking there will be free for event guests. Carpooling is encouraged!

Group Project Final Presentation Schedule

1:10- 1:35
Event Introductory Remarks
Q & A
Bren Hall 1414 Sustainability and Tracking Strategies for Gills Onions Farming Operations
Bren Hall 1424 Estimating and Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Food Served by Kaiser Permanente
MSI 1302 Assessing the Environmental Impacts of Industrial Laundering: Life Cycle Assessment of Polyester/Cotton Shirts
Q & A
Bren Hall 1414 Integrating Tribal Resource Use in California's Marine Life Protection Act Initiative
Bren Hall 1424 Creating an Environmental Sustainability Program for Religious Communities
MSI 1302 Energy and Climate Action on Tribal Lands: A Community-Based Approach
Bren Hall 4016 Market Solutions for Conjunctive Management of Surface and Groundwater –
a Case Study of Idaho’s East Snake River Plain
Q & A
Bren Hall 1414 Spatial Planning and Bio-Economic Analysis for Offshore Shrimp Aquaculture in Northwestern Mexico
Bren Hall 1424 Carbon Neutral Planning for a Sustainable Senior Community
MSI 1302 Strategies to Control Mercury Pollution in the Cache Creek Basin, Northern California
Bren Hall 4016 Eco-Entrepreneurship: Instream Exchange, LLC
Q & A
Bren Hall 1414 Reducing the Risk of Vessel Strikes to Endangered Whales in the Santa Barbara Channel
Bren Hall 1424 Eco-Entrepreneurship: The Negawatt Energy Network
MSI 1302 Santa Cruz Island Biosecurity: Development of a comprehensive biosecurity plan to prevent the establishment and spread of invasive organisms
Bren Hall 4016 Consolidating Nanomaterials EH&S Guidance and Evaluating their Economic Implications
Q & A
Bren Hall 1414 Eco-Entrepreneurship: Greenfoot Rewards
Bren Hall 1424 Sustainable Design, Construction, and Operation of a Residential High-rise Building in San Francisco
MSI 1302 Ecology and Management of Oak Woodlands on Tejon Ranch: Recommendations for Conserving a Valuable California Ecosystem
Bren Hall 4016 The Future of Large-Scale Solar Energy in California

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