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"Challenges for Rebuilding Small-Scale Fisheries in The Abrolhos Seascape in Brazil"

Guilherme Dutra
Marine Program Director
Conservation International Brazil

Monday, June 3, 2013
11:30 - 12:30
Bren Hall 1414

"We are very fortunate to have Guilherme here at Bren. It will be a fantastic talk about the challenges of fisheries management in Brazil, and will describe some of the great work that Conservation International is doing with marine protected areas in the region of Abrolhos, northeastern Brazil. "
— Hosted by Daniel Viana and the Latin American Fisheries Fellows

The Abrolhos Seascape lies within a region known for having the highest level of marine biodiversity in the southern Atlantic. Although there is low human population density along this section of the coast, the region has experienced a large increase in fishing effort in the past two decades as fleets have migrated here from other parts of Brazil. The increased pressure on commercially valuable fish populations has noticeably decreased stock levels. This talk will summarize the data available on fish populations and fisheries in the region and analyze the data gaps for managing fisheries in the Abrolhos Seascape. An overview of the region’s political and governance contexts will be presented.

Guilherme Dutra directs the marine program at Conservation International (CI) Brazil, where he leads initiatives to support the implementation and expansion of the Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Network in the Abrolhos Region and other parts of Brazil. Dutra joined CI as a biologist in 1996 after graduating from Brazil’s Federal University of Minas Gerais. In 2000, he obtained a master’s degree in ecology from the University of Campinas, Brazil, while coordinating CI’s Abrolhos project. Since starting work in Abrolhos, Dutra has coordinated efforts to increase knowledge and recognition of the importance of the region's coral reefs and has developed management solutions that can be replicated to influence marine conservation around the country. His work has contributed to the recognition of the national and international importance of Abrolhos, and to the creation of three other significant MPAs in the region—Corumbau, Canavieiras, and Cassurubá Extractive Reserves—which are co-managed with local communities. To date, he has managed nearly 25 marine conservation projects, worked with 16 local communities, and led three major communications campaigns for the protection of the region. In 2012, he was awarded with the Pew Fellowship for Marine Conservation to continue working on the expansion of the Abrolhos MPA Network.

NOTE: Community colloquia are generally talks of broad interest geared toward a diverse, sophisticated audience. Their purpose is not only to enhance knowledge and understanding, but also to bring people together and promote interaction that will strengthen the community.


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