Speaker: Dr. Tony Jones

THE BREN SCHOOL OF Environmental Science & Management
at the University of California, Santa Barbara



Dr. Tony Jones
Senior Associate, Site Solutions Group
ENVIRON International Corporation,

Irvine, California

March 6, 2007
12:30 - 1:30 pm
Bren Hall Room 1424

The Synergy of Academic-Industrial Partnerships

in Assessing and Applying Bioremediation

Part of the series "Current Topics in Bioremediation,"

presented by Bren professor Patricia Holden.



  • Quantification of biodegradation and natural attenuation
  • Enhanced in-situ biodegradation
  • Impact of in-situ chemical oxidation on microbial populations
  • Freshwater and coastal surfzone water quality in Southern California

Dr. Tony Jones received his BSc in biology from England's York University in (1993) and his PhD in in environmental microbiology from the University of Newcastle in 1998. There, he conducted research on the ability of golden-brown algae to degrade synthetic oils and the nutritional characteristics of the algae. This was followed by post-doctoral training at King’s College London, investigating quantification of biodegradation of naphthalene and phenols at a former manufactured-gas plant in the U.K. Dr. Jones has conducted numerous assessments of biodegradative activity at sites in the Britain, France, Belgium, Brazil, and throughout the U.S.

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