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“Monterey Bay Aquarium celebrates 30 years:
ocean conservation progress and the territory ahead”

Julie Packard
Executive Director
Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monday, Nov. 17, 2014
11:30 - 12:30
Bren Hall 1414

A reception with light refreshments will follow on the Deckers Outdoor Corporation Terrace at Bren Hall.

"If you are interested in how policy can better reflect available science, then this is a talk for you! While Julie Packard will be discussing ocean conservation, her insight is readily applicable to terrestrial systems. This is truly a talk for everyone."

— W. Tyler Brandt, PhD student host

Julie Packard

The Monterey Bay Aquarium turns 30 this year, having hosted more than 50 million visitors since it opened in 1984. What can we say about the progress we’ve seen in public awareness and attitudes toward the ocean? While scientists tell us more than ever about the critical role the ocean plays in our lives, and the declining health of ocean ecosystems, progress is slow in turning the tide toward a future in which people and nature survive and thrive together. The aquarium’s strategies in public engagement, policy, and market-based change are driving conservation results and offer ideas to help chart a course for the future.

Julie Packard, founding executive director of the acclaimed Monterey Bay Aquarium, works tirelessly on behalf of a ensuring healthy oceans for the future. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a recipient of the Audubon Medal for Conservation, and a member of California’s Parks Forward Commission. She was named a California Coastal Hero in 2009.

NOTE: Each academic year, six speakers are selected by Bren School MESM and PhD students to present on subjects that may be of particular interest to them. The talks are generally of broad interest geared toward a diverse, sophisticated audience. Their purpose is to attract dynamic speakers to whom our students related particularly well, to enhance knowledge and understanding, and to bring people together and promote interaction that will strengthen the community.


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