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Latin American Fisheries Fellowship Program Speaker

"Holding the Line on Fisheries Management in Brazil
through a Time of Political and Economic Crisis."

Monica Brick Peres
General Director
Oceana Brazil

Monday, May 1, 2017
11:30 - 12:30
Bren Hall 1414

"Dr. Peres is widely recognized as one of Brazil’s most important fisheries managers. Her career exemplifies the interdisciplinary approach to environmental problem solving, having effectively integrated science, policy and management from both government and non-government platforms. Monica’s talk is sure to provide insight into navigating political and economic instability while working to improve fisheries in Latin America."

— Caio Faro (MESM 2017), Latin American Fisheries Fellow

Brazil sits as one of the world's largest economies, emerging with considerable geopolitical influence across Latin America. However, despite the enormity of the country's economic development, fisheries management in Brazil has lagged behind many of its neighbor countries in Latin America. Management plans are not required by the government, and neither applied fisheries research nor monitoring is prevalent in resource management. Brazil's unregulated fisheries continue to have damaging impacts on the marine environment, generating enormous socio-economic and biodiversity losses. This current situation, combined with a deep political and economic crisis over the past two years, has aggravated institutional instability and administrative inefficiency in fisheries management at the federal level. In this context, this talk will discuss Oceana's role in advancing sustainable fisheries management in a time of crisis and some of the key strategies to establish a science-based fisheries management system in Brazil.

Monica Peres’ experience is rooted in public policy, marine aquatic science, education, and fisheries management. She earned her BS degree in marine biology, and her MS and PhD in biological oceanography. Across her prominent career, Monica has been deeply involved in scientific research, having studied and published on population dynamics, stock assessments, and management tactics for important species over the years. In the late 2000s she started working in biodiversity conservation and fisheries management in public positions within the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment. She served as the Federal Aquatic Biodiversity and Fisheries Resource Manager, responsible for the national aquatic conservation policy and development of federal regulations for key species. In this role, she represented the Brazilian government on international treaties including CMS, IWC, CITIES, CCAMLR, and CBD. Monica joined the International NGO Oceana in 2014, where she serves as the General Director of Oceana Brazil.

NOTE: Bren seminars are hosted by Bren faculty members or students and are generally high-level talks about research in a particular area of environmental science and management.


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