Bren Engineering


Bren Engineering offers a wide variety of repair, maintenance, and design services for Bren School faculty and students in support of their lab and field work, and ensures the proper ongoing functioning of all Bren Hall building and lab systems. The facility is located on the first floor of Bren Hall in Room 1021.

Bren Engineering offers:

  • Space for building large projects
  • Short-term loan of hand tools
  • Use of shop machinery
  • A portable ultrasonic flowmeter
  • A data-logging voltmeter and temperature recorders
  • Other equipment and tools, depending on demand

Bren Engineering services include:

  • Repair of lab equipment and general building systems
  • Routine inspection and maintenance of all Bren Hall systems, common-use labs and equipment, cold rooms, and variable temperature rooms
  • Routine inspection of lab systems, equipment, or special items-including interdepartmental access to other campus machine shops for the specialized design and execution of lathe- and mill-worked items

Please submit your requests for access or equipment to Bren Hall Building Manager Sage Davis.