Becoming the Solution

    As environmental professionals, Bren students thrive in careers that make a difference

    The Bren School was established as a professional graduate school for good reason: solving problems is the school’s foundational focus, and environmental careers are where ideas become solutions that make a difference. As Bren graduates become successful environmental professionals, they help to solve society’s greatest environmental challenges.

    Since the first master’s students graduated in 1998, Bren alumni have earned a reputation for their exceptional quantitative and qualitative knowledge, excellent technical and communication skills, and a level of professionalism that allows them to have an immediate impact and often puts them ahead of their peers. Whether they are employed at government agencies, private companies, corporations, consultancies, or NGOs, Bren hit the ground running and contribute wherever they go.

    Our graduates are working in every area of environmental sustainability, from water and energy to the economics of climate-change policy and renewable energy. They are developing new ways of mapping marine protected areas, and working with fishermen  and fishing communities to develop new fishery management strategies. They are involved in industrial ecology, working to green supply chains and manufacturing processes. They are managing conservation areas on land and sea, in the U.S. and far beyond. Perhaps most importantly, they are fulfilling the goal they brought with them to Bren: to work as environmental professionals who make a difference. In terms of our alumni, that will always be the Bren School’s benchmark of success.