Bren School of Environmental Science & Management

Short Course on The Economics of Urban Sprawl and Land Use Change

June 22nd 2002


Organized by:

Professor Antonio M. Bento, University of California, Santa Barbara

Professor Charles D. Kolstad, University of California Santa Barbara


Sponsored by:

The Bren School of Environmental Science & Management

The University of California Transportation Center

Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science


The purpose of this one-day intensive course is to expose graduate students, environmental and urban economists, geographers, urban planners and policymakers to the recent developments in the literature on the Economics of Urban Sprawl and Land Use Change Modeling. The course will consist of six lectures, given by experts in each of the following sub-topics:

(a)    Market-Based Instruments to Control for Urban Sprawl;

Topics covered: The Monocentric City Model; Spatially-disaggregated Models of the Landscape; Optimal Market Based Instruments

Instructor: Prof. Antonio M. Bento, University of California, Santa Barbara

(b)   The Value of Spatially Explicit Modeling;

Topics covered: Use of geographical Information systems data as a tool to spatial modeling

Instructor: Prof. Michael Goodchild, University of California Santa Barbara

(c)    Measuring the Benefits of Smart-Growth Policies;

Topics covered: General Equilibrium Models of location decision; Applications to the estimation of general equilibrium benefits of open space;

Instructors: Prof. Kerry Smith, North Carolina State University and Prof. Randall Wash, University of Colorado

(d)   Modeling Land Use Change: What can we learn from Geographers?

Topics covered: Land Use Change Modeling; Cellular Models; Urban Modeling and Integrated Systems of Models

Instructor: Prof. Keith Clarke, University of California, Santa Barbara

(e)    Spatial Issues in the Economics Modeling of Land Use Change;

Topics covered: spatial econometrics techniques applied to the modeling of land use change; Hedonics;

Instructor: Prof. Nancy Bockstael, University of Maryland, College Park

(f)     The Consequences of Urban Sprawl: Land Use and Transportation

Topics covered: Representation of Urban Spatial Structure at different spatial resolutions; Impacts on traveling decisions

Instructor: Prof. Elizabeth Deakin, University of California, Berkeley



?         When: June 22, 2002 from 8AM ? 6:30 PM

?         Where: Bren School of Environmental Sciences and Management, UC- Santa Barbara

?         Who should attend? Graduate students, professional economists, geographers and urban planners seeking to sharpen their skills on the economics of urban sprawl and land use change

?         Max Number of Participants and deadline for application: The deadline for application is June 1st. Because space will be limited, applications will be processed on a rolling basis starting April 20th

?         Costs: No charge to participate in the course though all travel and accommodation is the responsibility of the attendee. A limited number of scholarships are available for attending graduate students. Lunch on the day of the course will be provided.

?         To Attend: Send a copy of your resume (with email, phone and fax) as soon as possible Prof. Antonio Bento at If applying for a travel scholarship, indicate what kind of support (local hotel, airfare, mileage) and how much support (max $500) is requested

?         Credit: There is no University credit offered for the short course