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Faculty by area of expertise

Name Office Telephone E-mail Specializations
Steven Gaines Bren 2410 805-893-4339 E-mail Marine Science, Sustainable Fisheries

Permanent Faculty (top)
Sarah Anderson Bren 4510 805-893-5886 E-mail Environmental Politics
Mark Buntaine Bren 4422 805-893-4075 E-mail International Relations and Environmental Policy
Christopher Costello Bren 4410 805-893-5802 E-mail Resource Economics
Frank Davis off: Bren 3512
lab: Bren 3017
E-mail Landscape Ecology, Conservation Planning
Jeff Dozier Bren 4512 805-893-5889 E-mail Snow Hydrology, Earth System Science, Remote Sensing
Thomas Dunne Bren 3510 805-893-7557 E-mail Geomorphology, Hydrology (on sabbatical 2013-2014)
James Frew Bren 4524 805-893-7356 E-mail Environmental Informatics
Roland Geyer Bren 3426 805-893-7234 E-mail Industrial Ecology, Production and Operations Management
Ben Halpern Bren 4420 805-893-2862 E-mail Marine Ecology,
Conservation Planning
Patricia Holden Bren 3508 805-893-3195 E-mail Environmental Microbiology
Arturo Keller Bren 3420 805-893-7548 E-mail Fate & Transport, Watershed Mgt. Remediation, Pollution Prevention
Bruce Kendall Bren 4514 805-893-7539 E-mail Applied Ecology
Hunter Lenihan off: Bren 3428 lab: Bren 1310 805-893-8629
E-mail Applied Marine Ecology, Coastal Marine Resources Management
Gary Libecap Bren 4412 805-893-8611 E-mail Corporate Environmental Management
John Melack Bren 4424 805-893-3879 E-mail Ecology, Limnology, Remote Sensing
Kyle Meng Bren 4416 805-893-5055 E-mail Economics, Climate Change
Andrew Plantinga Bren 3424 805-893-2788 E-mail Natural Resource Economics and Policy
Matthew Potoski Bren 3430 805-893-2151 E-mail Political Science, Corporate Environmental Management
Sangwon Suh Bren 3422 805-893-7185 E-mail Industrial Ecology,
Life Cycle Assessment
Christina (Naomi) Tague Bren 4516 805-893-8579 E-mail Hydrology, Ecosystem Processes
David Tilman Bren 4414 805-893-3840 E-mail Ecology, Biodiversity, Ecosystem Functioning

Emeriti Faculty
Charles Kolstad Bren 3416 E-mail Environmental Economics
Oran Young Bren 4518 E-mail Instl. & Intnl. Governance, Environmental Institutions

Adjunct Faculty (top)
Derek Booth Bren 4033 805-570-1953 E-mail Environmental Geomorphology
Lee Hannah Bren 3410 805-893-7067 E-mail Climate Change, Conservation Planning
Jay Means Bren 3408 269-744-1145 E-mail Fate and Transport, Analytical Methods, Environmental Toxicology
Hugo Salgado no Bren office no local phone E-mail Environmental Economics, Fisheries Management, Regulation
Robert Wilkinson Bren 4426 805-893-8768 E-mail Water Policy, Climate Change, Environmental Policy

Affiliated Faculty (top)
Robert Deacon North Hall 3040 805-893-3679 E-mail Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Olivier Deschenes North Hall 2050 805-893-5617 E-mail Environmental Economics
John Foran SSMS 3417 805-893-8199 E-mail Sociology
David Lea Webb Hall 1114 805-893-8665 E-mail Climate Change Policy
Sally MacIntyre Webb Hall 2120 805-893-3951 E-mail Limnology, Biogeochemistry
Paulina Oliva North Hall 2044 805-893-5572 E-mail Environmental Economics
Ronald E. Rice SSMS 4127 805-893-8696 E-mail Communication
Eric Smith Ellison 3711 805-893-6160 E-mail Environmental Politics

 Visiting Faculty & Lecturers (top)
Bruce Aylward   E-mail ESM 296-6W: Advanced Special Topics: Sustainable Water Markets Intensive
Celia Alario   E-mail ESM 445: Social Media and the Environment
ESM 449: Environmental Communication Practicum
Ben Best   E-mail ESM 215: Landscape Ecology
Norm Brown Bren 4522 E-mail ESM 223: Management of Soil and Groundwater Quality
Emily Cotter (Emily Chan) Bren 3406 E-mail ESM 230: Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Ventures 
ESM 256A:
Introduction to Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation
ESM 256B: New Venture Opportunity Analysis
ESM 402A: New Venture Formation
Brigham Daniels   E-mail ESM 294-1W: Advanced Topics: Land Use Law
Celine Gainet   E-mail ESM 210: Business and the Environment
ESM 280: Organizations and Environmental Leadership
Stefan Gelcich   E-mail ESM 296-3F: Intro to Study of Management and Conservation of Coastal Social-Ecological Systems
Michael Hanrahan   E-mail ESM 441: Intro to Environmental Media Production
Sean Hastings   E-mail ESM 257: Coastal and Ocean Policy Management
Mark Heintz   E-mail ESM 281: Corporate Environmental Management
Richard Hutton   E-mail ESM 440-2: Storytelling
Allison Horst Bren 4406 E-mail ESM 206: Statistics & Data Analysis for Environmental Science & Management
Tom Jacobson   E-mail ESM 275: Environmental Planning
John Jostes   E-mail ESM 280: Organizations and Environmental Leadership
ESM 283:
Environmental Negotiation
LeeAnne Kryder   E-mail ESM 437: Writing Skills for Environmental Professionals
Lisa Leombruni   E-mail ESM 440-1:Intro to Strategic Environmental Communication 
ESM 449:
Environmental Communication Practicum
Michael O'Connell   E-mail ESM 296-2W: Advanced Topics: Conservation Management
Jim Salzman   E-mail ESM 207: Environmental Law & Policy
ESM 294:
Natural Resources Law & Policy
Josh Simmons   E-mail ESM 430: Workshop on Grant & Proposal Writing
Kelly Summers   E-mail ESM 296: Advanced Topics: Corporate Environmental Management
Michael Todd   E-mail ESM 444: Writing about the Environment for the Public
Lisa Wedding   E-mail ESM 296-4F: Advanced GIS
Mel Willis   E-mail ESM 430-1S: CEQA/NEPA workshop


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