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Learn about the mailing lists/listservs that Bren alumni have access to.

Main Bren Alumni Mailing List
This mailing list is used by the Career and Alumni Team to send out networking event invitations, alumni reunion announcements, alumni newsletters, and other important messages to help you stay in touch and socially interact with the entire Bren alumni base. To keep your contact information updated, please sign-in to BrenConnect and edit your profile.

Jobpostings Listserv
This listserv is now a group within BrenConnect! Please sign-in, navigate to "Networking Groups" and join the "Job Postings" group. You may choose how often you want email notifications (Every Post, Daily Digest, Weekly Digest, or Limited). Click here to sign-in and join the group!

Bren-Alerts Mailing List
To receive announcements about general Bren news and events, please sign up for Bren-Alerts here.