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John Jostes

John Jostes is a practicing mediator and facilitator specializing in complex environmental and public-policy issues. John has contributed to numerous local and national dialogues, including those related to homelessness, the Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Plan, the White House Conference on Cooperative Conservation, and endangered species issues throughout California. He has helped parties from all levels of business and government to negotiate agreements over land use policies, public finance, and wetland restoration, to name a few. Locally, Jostes has served on the boards of the Community Environmental Council, The Sustainability Project, and the Southern California Mediation Association. He also served on the Leadership Council and as national co-chair of the Environment/Public Policy Section of ACR. He is a recipient of the Sharon M. Pickett Award for Environmental Protection through Conflict Resolution from the 6,000 member Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR). The award recognizes 'significant and important contributions to environmental protection over the length of one's career'.

Early in his career, John founded Interface Planning and Counseling Corporation, the first locally owned environmental planning firm in Santa Barbara County. As an entrepreneur, planner and mediator, John provided internships to nearly seventy students at UCSB. During the 1980’s, John conducted pioneering research into the environmental accountability of elected officials that resulted in mitigation monitoring being incorporated into the California Environmental Quality Act (AB 884). He attended the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University where he received a Master in Public Administration degree.

John has taught negotiation, leadership and project management courses at Bren since 2004. Early in 2017, he represented the Bren School at a convocation of educators from universities in the U.S. and Canada to build a bi-national leadership organization for graduate students in the climate and energy sectors. Over his career he has also served in leadership positions with the Santa Barbara City Planning Commission and other task forces and public and private sector committees.

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