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This page contains a list of all the research papers relevant to this project.  They are classified by theme, and links are made when they can be viewed on the net.  











Bacterial Monitoring:

Baudart, J.; Grabulos, J.P.; Barusseau, J.; and Lebaron, P.  2000.  Salmonella spp. And Fecal Coliform Loads in Coastal Waters from a Point vs. Nonpoint Source of Pollution. J. Environ. Qual 29:241-250.

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URS Greiner Woodward-Clyde.  1999.  Evaluation of beach advisory zones: an initial field and literature investigation on the lateral extent of beach advisory zones due to elevated bacteria levels.  Prepared for Santa Barbara Environmental Health Services, Santa Barbara County Water Agency, and City of Santa Barbara Department of Public Works.


Bacterial Survival:

Munro, P.M.; Gauthier, M.J.; Breittmayer, V.A.; and Bongiovanni, J.  1989.  Influence of osmoregulation Processes on Starvation Survival of Escherichia coli in Seawater.  Applied and Environmental Microbiology.  55(8): 2017-2024.

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Bacterial Survival and Sediment Studies :

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Turner Design Environmental Sciences: Fluorescein.  Bulletin 103.  Available online.  07/11/00 

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Appendices Guidance for Beaches and Recreational Waters (DRAFT).  California Department of Health Services.  March 7, 2000.  Available online  07/10/00.


Public Health:

Kebabjian, Richard.  May 1994.  Monitoring the Effects of Urban Runoff on Recreational Waters.  Journal of Environmental Health. 56(9): 15-18.

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Santa Monica Bay Restoration Project.  An Epidemiological Study of Possible Adverse Health Effects of Swimming in Santa Monica Bay.  May 14, 1996.  Available upon request (phone: (213) 266-7516).  


Physical Characteristics: 

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Slough information:

Fong, P.; Nordby, C.; Covin, J.;Tiszler, J.; and Zedler, J.  Goleta Slough Ecological Reserve/Management Plan.  CA Department of Fish and Game.  March 20, 1988.

Santa Barbara County Flood Control and Water Conservation District.  Contact: Karl Treiberg.  Final Program Environmental Impact Report/ Draft Environmental Assessment for Routine Maintenance Activities in the Goleta Slough.  County of Santa Barbara Resource Management Department.  1993.

Sears, K.  Memorandum: Goleta Slough Sampling From 10-26-99 to 10-29-99.  County of Santa Barbara, CA.  June 1, 2000. 



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