Infiltration of Urban Stormwater Runoff to Recharge Groundwater Used for Drinking Water: A Study of the San Fernando Valley, California

Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, University of California at Santa Barbara


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download a pdf version of our final report

several types of stormwater management and treatment

spreading basin operated by DWP in Los Angeles

inflow to similar stucture in Florida

Ballona Creek lined channel in LA

Ballona Creek channel during storm at night

the above photos were from Dr. Mike Stenstrom's research page at UCLA

Grish Park bioswale in Goleta, CA--this swale treats water from a large parking lot at the Camino Real Market place

another view of the Grish Park bioswale,after a storm

the following photos are from the Center for Watershed Protection's web site

example of porous pavement lot in Maryland

same lot after a moderate rain storm

a wet detention pond

a stormwater marsh near a housing development, "Calledonia Rain Gardens" in Caledonia, Michigan.
This image taken from http://