PhD Research - Jiajia Zheng

Master in Environmental Engineering, Fudan University

Jiajia Zheng graduated from Fudan University, China in 2015 with a Master degree in Environmental Engineering. Before that she received two Bachelor degrees in Environmental Engineering and Economics respectively from Wuhan University, China.

With years of study in environmental sustainability field and nearly two years of work experience in industrial sector, Jiajia has developed a keen interest in Industrial Ecology, especially the application of Life Cycle Assessment method as a research basis for resources saving, energy efficiency improving and pollutants emissions reducing across various sectors. Jiajia is also interested in Corporate Environmental Management. In particular, how the research could be used to guide private business owners and government policy-makers to make informed decisions on promoting the environmental friendliness of products and services.

Year Admitted: 2017
Research Areas:
Industrial Ecology, Life Cycle Assessment, Corporate Environmental Management
Faculty Advisor: Sangwon Suh
Office: Bren Hall 1324

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