PhD Research - Alexios Monopolis

In his doctoral research, Alexios Monopolis examines the correlation between environmental sustainability and positive psychology. Specifically, he explores the psychological effects of individuals who choose to live simply (“voluntary simplicity”) and in a way to preserve ecological systems. Although the environmental benefits of reducing one’s consumption are well documented, the mental health benefits of a simpler and more environmentally sustainable lifestyle—in terms of happiness (or “subjective well-being”)—are poorly understood in the sciences. As a result, the aim of this research is to use a variety of methodologiesin order to discern the relationship between practice/behaviorassociated with voluntarysimplicity and subjective well-being, at the individual level of analysis. As part of this inquiry, Alexios is also exploring ways in which the web and other environmental media and communication tools, combined with new and evolving forms of mass collaboration, can be used to instigate and support social and behavioral change.

Employment Upon Graduation: Guest Lecturer and Research Associate, Harvard University - Graduate School of Design