PhD Research - Annie Yau

Annie Yau is interested in marine-resource management and conservation. She applies ecological theory and fisheries science to the management of small-scale fisheries. Her research focuses on the effects of fishing on giant clam populations and finding ecologically appropriate management methods for this data-poor coral-reef fishery. Annie uses a combination of long-term monitoring, direct measurements of catch, experiments, and modeling. Her goal is to have managers in French Polynesia implement a new, sustainable management strategy.


Employment Upon Graduation: Knauss Legislative Marine Policy Fellow - Special Assistant, Office of the Assistant Administrator, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Sea Grant


Comnes, L. and K. Stokely. Agua Pura: Exploring Salmon and Steelhead in California Communities. University of California. (eds. W. Sanderson, A. Yau). Available online at:


Current Projects

Ontogenetic Photosynthetic Efficiency of a Giant Clam
Effect of Fishing on the Population Growth of a Giant Clam
Adaptive Capacity of Human Populations to Coral Reef Fisheries Dynamics

Research Fellowships

2009 National Science Foundation East Asian Pacific Summer Institutes Fellowship
2008-2010 Luce Foundation Environmental Science to Solutions Fellowship
2007 PADI Foundation Grant
2006 Polynesia Education and Research Laboratories (PEARL) Award
2005-2010 University of California Regents Fellowship