PhD Research - Bryan Leonard

MS Applied Economics, Montana State University; BA Economics, Hillsdale College (Michigan)

Bryan's research focuses on the formation and economic implications of formal and informal property rights regimes in natural resources. He studies how the structure of property rights is shaped by the benefits and costs of defining and enforcing rights along various dimensions and assesses the long-term economic effects of institutional innovations in defining property rights. His research combines formal models of natural resource use and careful study of the institutional and legal settings in which property rights emerge with detailed econometric analysis of novel historic and modern data sets created using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
Bryan is on the academic job market this year and will be available for interviews at the 2016 ASSA meetings in San Francisco.

Year Admitted: 2012
Research Areas: Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, Law and Economics, Econometrics, Political Economy
Faculty Advisor: Gary Libecap


Fellowship awards:

  • Sustainable Water Markets Fellowship, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management
  • Humane Studies Fellowship, The Institute for Humane Studies
  • Adam Smith Fellowship, The Mercatus Center at George Mason University