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Driving sustainability in the Gulf of California: fishery management and offshore cultivation for Totoaba Macdonaldi
Group Members: Miguel Castellanos, Garrett Goto, Adam Sachs, Andrew Steinkruger, Matthew Warham
Faculty Advisor: Steve Gaines
Client: Luis Belendez, Cygnus Ocean Farms (Proposal)
Developing a 100% Renewable Energy Strategic Plan for CBS Corporation
Group Members: Alice Chang, Jonathan Dorsey, Eric Hassel, Matt Panopio, Kynan Witters Hicks
Faculty Advisor: Matt Potoski
Client: Audrey Vinant-Tang, Donna Osiri, CBS Corporation
Contact team CBS100
Modernizing Citizen Science: Improving Data Management for Effective Resource Protection
Group Members: Rae Fuhrman, Sean Goral, Charlene Kormondy, Jasmine Vazin, Molly Williams
Faculty Advisor: James Frew
Client: Sean Hastings, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary (Proposal)
Integrating Current Efforts to Move CI Assessment Forward in California
Group Members: Laura Gray, Lauren Krohmer, Emma Mendonsa, Courtney Schatzman, Caitlin Swalec
Faculty Advisor: Naomi Tague
Client: Russ Henly, Natural Resources Agency, and Matt Dias, State Board of Forestry and Fire Protection (Proposal)
Contact team CITEPLAN
Managing the Risks of Emerging Contaminants in the Denver Water Supply
Group Members: Cheyenne Coxon, Ella Golovey, Alexander Stejskal, Savannah Tjaden, Tiffany Tran
Faculty Advisor: Arturo Keller
Client: Denver Water (Proposal)
Procrastination Thermometer: Economic Quantification of Delaying Management in the Midriff Islands, Mexico
Group Members: Edaysi Bucio Bustos, Seleni Cruz, Vienna Saccomanno, Valeria Tamayo, Juliette Verstaen
Faculty Advisor: Hunter Lenihan
Jorge Torre and Stuart Fulton, COBI (Coumunidad y Biodiversidad) (Proposal)
Guiding Insurance Instruments to Leverage Natural Infrastructure for Climate Change Resilience
Group Members: Mario Colon, Daniel Elkin, Lauren Kaapcke, Madison Meltzer, Casey Moorhead
Faculty Advisor: Ashley Larsen & Samantha Stevenson
Justus Raepple, Mike Beck, The Nature Conservancy (Proposal)
Managing Endemic Species Across the California Islands Archipelago in the Face of Climate Change
Group Members: Sofie McComb, Claire Powers, Jazmine Uy, Alyssa Winchell, Laura Wolf
Faculty Advisor: John Melack (Spring 2018) & Bruce Kendall (Fall 2018, Winter 2019, Spring 2019)
The Nature Conservancy with Santa Barbara Botanic Garden (Proposal)
Contact team OAKOLOGY
Utilizing Flexible EV Charging to Mitigate Renewable Energy Curtailment and Support a Low Carbon Grid
Group Members: Barak Albeg, Sandy Carter, Daniel Ettelson, Madeline Julian, Thomas Paschos
Faculty Advisor: Chris Costello
Energy Procurement & Management and Customer Service, Southern California Edison (Proposal)
Contact team SMARTCHARGE
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through materials innovation in the apparel industry
Group Members: Giovanna Davila, Camille Herrera, Derek Hunter, Caitlin Martin, Brianne Winkler
Faculty Advisor: Roland Geyer
Patagonia (Proposal)
Eco-E: Biscose: Reducing the Impacts of the Apparel Supply Chain through Harnessing Waste from the Cannabis Industry
Group Members: Taylor Heisley-Cook, Celine Mol, David Mun
Faculty Advisors: Andrew Plantinga, Emily Cotter
Contact team BISCOSE
Eco-E: Roots: Bringing Affordable Accessory Dwelling Units to Santa Barbara
Group Members: Vaughan Andrews, August Lack
Faculty Advisors: Jim Salzman, Emily Cotter
Contact team ROOTS
Evaluating Synergies and Tradeoffs Among Agricultural Productivity, Ecosystem Services and Human Wellbeing in Rwanda
Group Members: Meghan Cook, Jessica Gomez, Rachel Kenny, Austin Richards
Faculty Advisors: Mark Buntaine
Client: Tabby Njunge, Conservation International (Proposal)
Evaluating Watershed Ecosystem Services and Nature-Based Conservation Solutions in the Carson and Walker Basins
Group Members: McKenzie Bradford, Paige Fitzgibbon, Eric Holmes, Marina Lindsay, Austin Melcher
Faculty Advisor: Scott Jasechko
Duane Petite, The Nature Conservancy (Proposal)
Using Historical Ecology to Guide Restoration and Management Planning at Point Conception’s Dangermond Preserve
Group Members: Brad Anderson, Meghan Bowen, Lucy Genua, Kymberly Howo, Genelle Ives
Faculty Advisor: Kelly Caylor
Mark D. Reynolds, The Nature Conservancy (Proposal)
Contact team WESTERNGATE
Building a Case for Conservation-Compatible Renewable Energy Development in the US Wind Belt
Group Members: Hanna Buechi, Alexander Irvin, Delaney Roney, Margaux Sleckman, Cristina Sparks
Faculty Advisor: Kyle Meng (Spring 2018, Fall 2018) & Sarah Anderson (Winter 2019 & Spring 2019)
Sara Mascola, The Nature Conservancy (Proposal)
Contact team WINDBELT
Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment of California Floating Offshore Wind Energy
Group Members: Jung Il Bang, Cyrus Ma, Eric Tarantino, Alejandro Vela, Derek Yamane
Faculty Advisor: Sangwon Suh
Sara Guiltinan, Karen Herrera, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (Proposal)
Contact team WINDFALLLCA