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Development of a feral pig management strategy at Tejon Ranch California
Group Members: Jocelyn Christie, Emily DeMarco, Elizabeth Hiroyasu, Adam Kreger, Max Ludington
Faculty Advisor: Naomi Tague
Proposed by: Michael White (Proposal)
Client: Tejon Ranch Conservancy
Project team alias: CHANCHOS [Contact; website]
Evaluation of two different environmental mitigation and management strategies in the context of planned development at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
Group Members: Samantha Arthur, Andres Estrada, Ivy Ku, Lindsey Sarquilla, Neil Wilson
Faculty Advisor: Matt Potoski
Proposed by: Gary Robinson, Barbara Barker (Proposal)
Client: Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
Project team alias: MUSEUM [Contact; website]
Develop a model to assess and compare the water and carbon footprints of food products to contribute to developing more sustainable food purchase practices at Google
Group Members: Katherine Filippini, Clayton Heinrich, Jason Huffine, Dustin Merback, Harish Prather, Hannah Tillmann
Faculty Advisor: Sangwon Suh
Proposed by: Victoria Ho, David Bennett (Proposal)
Client:Google Inc.
Project team alias: GOOGLEFOOD [Contact; website]

Evaluating Offshore Wind Energy Potential and Stakeholder Analysis on the California Central Coast
Group Members: Lucas Feinberg, Zachary Jylkka, Mengya Tao, Benjamin White, Yingda Xu
Faculty Advisor: Bruce Kendall
Proposed by: Megan Birney (Proposal)
Community Environmental Council; Infinity Wind Power
Project team alias: CALWIND [Contact; website]
A Best Practices Guide for Implementing Local Government Climate Action Plans
Group Members: Yuwei Qin, Shannon Rivers, Jennifer Roecks, Francisca Santana
Faculty Advisor: Sarah Anderson
Proposed by: Amy Jewel, Betty Seto (Proposal)
Project team alias: CAPS [Contact; website]
Reducing Plastic Debris in the Los Angeles and San Gabriel River Watersheds
Group Members: Jessica Midbust, Michael Mori, Paula Richter, Bill Vosti
Faculty Advisor: Derek Booth
Proposed by: Marieta Francis (Proposal)
Algalita Marine Research Institute
Project team alias: LAPLASTICS [Contact; website]
Offshore wind energy in the context of multiple ocean uses on the Bermuda platform
Group Members: Alisan Amrhein, Darrell Gregg, Tinya Hoang, Rahul Madhusudanan, Casey O'Hara
Faculty Advisor: James Frew
Proposed by: Darrell Gregg, Rahul Madhusudanan, Sarah Lester (Proposal)
Government of Bermuda (Departments of Conservation Services; Environmental Protection; and Energy)
Project team alias: BERMUDAWIND [Contact; website]
Discover TURFs: A global assessment of Territorial Use Rights in Fisheries to determine variability in success and design
Group Members: Gina Auriemma, Kristen Byler, Katie Peterson, Alana Yurkanin
Faculty Advisors: Chris Costello, Dawn Dougherty
Proposed by: Kiya Gornik, Tracey Mangin, Gavin McDonald, Amielle Dewan (Proposal)
Rare Conservation
Project team alias: TURF [Contact; website]
Something Gutsy: Evaluating the Ecological and Economic Impact of Fishmeal Substitutes
Group Members: Tyler Clavelle, Jessica Couture, Christopher Newman, Morgan Visalli
Faculty Advisors: Gary Libecap, Andrew Plantinga
Proposed by: Tyler Clavelle, Rebecca Gentry, Gretchen Grebe, Ryan Wilson (Proposal)
Project team alias: FISHMEAL [Contact; website]
Design and Implementation Strategies in the Galapagos Lobster Fishery
Group Members: Taylor Debevec, Norah Eddy, Laura Johnson, Jonathan Sim, Katherine Westfall
Faculty Advisor: Steve Gaines
Proposed by: Norah Eddy, Laura Johnson (Proposal)
Conservation International
Project team alias: GALAPAGOS [Contact; website]
Establishing feasibility metrics and evaluating the potential for Catarina scallop restoration and aquaculture in the Ensenada de La Paz
Group Members: Nicole Corpuz, Mary Luna, Jose Zenteno
Faculty Advisor: Hunter Lenihan, Jono Wilson
Proposed by: Mary Luna, Marisol Plascencia (Proposal)
NOS Noroeste Sustenable, A.C.
Project team alias: CATARINA [Contact; website]
Beaver (Castor canadensis) Impact on Water Resources in the Jemez Watershed, New Mexico
Group Members: Alexandre Caillat, Bret Callaway, Drake Hebert, Andrew Nguyen, Shelby Petro
Faculty Advisor: John Melack
Proposed by: Bryan Bird, John Horning, Hannah Risely-White (Proposal)
WildEarth Guardians
Project team alias: BEAVERS [Contact; website]
Water Budget Analysis and Candidate Conservation Agreement Planning for the Black River Basin in Southeastern New Mexico
Group Members: Jessica Arm, Todd Carlin, Nicole Kahal, Hannah Risely-White, Elizabeth Ross
Faculty Advisor: Arturo Keller
Proposed by: Greg Lewis, Emile Sawyer, Hannah Risely-White (Proposal)
New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission
Project team alias: BLACKRIVER [Contact; website]
Land Use and Biodiversity Footprinting Project
Group Members: Elena Egorova, Heather Perry, Louisa Smythe, Runsheng Song, Sarah Sorensen
Faculty Advisor: Roland Geyer
Proposed by: Elissa Loughman, Jill Dumain (Proposal)
Client: Patagonia
Project team alias: BIODIVERSITY [Contact; website]
Eco-Entrepreneurship: Ecolodgical
Group Members: Samantha Baker, Pablo Obregon
Faculty Advisor: Emily Cotter (Emily Chan), Matt Potoski
Project team alias: ESEAHOSTEL [Contact; website]
Eco-Entrepreneurship: Charborn
Group Members: Alli Rowe, Ryan Wilson, Debbie Pierce, Noelle Phares, Niles Brinton
Faculty Advisor: Emily Cotter (Emily Chan), Patricia Holden
Project team alias: AGSOLUTIONS [Contact; website]
Eco-Entrepreneurship: Simple Cycle
Group Members: Timbo Stillinger, Sinclair Vincent, Casey Maue
Faculty Advisor: Emily Cotter (Emily Chan), Gary Libecap
Project team alias: SIMPLECYCLE [Contact; website]
Eco-Entrepreneurship: re:Think Buildings
Group Members: Harry Bergmann, Kavitha Nambiar
Faculty Advisor: Emily Cotter (Emily Chan), Jeff Dozier
Project team alias: VITAPOWER [Contact; website]