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A Spatial and Feasibility Analysis of Wolf-Livestock Conflict Reduction Strategies in Northern California
Group Members: Sarah Antonelli, Kristen Boysen, Charles Piechowski, Michael Smith, Geoff Willard
Faculty Advisor: Ben Halpern
Proposed by: Kim Delfino, Pam Flick, Charlotte Conley, Geoff Willard, Elyse DeFranco (Proposal)
Client: Defenders of Wildlife, Sacramento, CA
Project team alias: LOSLOBOS [Contact; website]
An Economic Valuation of Southern California's Coastal Wetlands
Group Members: Jane Ballard, Jennifer Pezda, Devin Spencer
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Plantinga
Proposed by: Shawn Kelly, Eliza Berry, Devin Spencer, Kristen Boysen, Anjana Krishnan (Proposal)
Client: Shawn Kelly, Program Manager, Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project
Project team alias: SOCALWETLANDS [Contact; website]
Vessel Speed Reduction, Air Pollution, and Whale Strike Tradeoffs in the Santa Barbara Channel Region
Group Members: Jennifer Bone, Elena Meza, Kendall Mills, Laura Lea Rubino, Lily Tsukayama
Faculty Advisor: Steve Gaines
Proposed by: Theresa Goedeke, PhD, Sean Hastings, Mary Byrd, Sarah Gonyo (Ball), PhD, Steve Gaines, PhD, Chris Costello, PhD, Shannon Walker, Jennifer Bone, Kendall Mills (Proposal)
Clients: Theresa Goedeke, PhD, NCCOS Social Scientist, NOAA; Sean Hastings, Resource Protection Coordinator, CINMS; Mary Byrd, Community Progams Supervisor, SBCAPCD
Project team alias: WHALESTRIKES [Contact; website]

Finding a Place for Conservation: A bio-economic analysis to inform the re-zoning of the Galápagos Marine Reserve
Group Members: Jesse Goldstein, Smadar Levy, Juan Mayorga, Vanessa Perkins, Alexandra Vasquez
Faculty Advisor: Chris Costello
Proposed by: Enric Sala, Alexandra Vasquez, Jesse Goldstein, Juan Mayorga (Proposal)
Client: Enric Sala, National Geographic Society
Project team alias: GEOMAR [Contact; website]
Gallatin Valley Water Exchange: A market-based approach to sustainable water management in Western Montana
Group Members: Karen Askeland, James Baglia, Ria Boner, Leah Fine, David Gruen, Rachel O'Connor
Faculty Advisor: Tom Dunne
Proposed by: Laura Ziemer, Eloise Kendy, PhD, Ian Bell, Karen Askleand (Proposal)
Trout Unlimited; The Nature Conservancy
Project team alias: GROUNDWATER [Contact; website]
University of California, Santa Barbara - Optimal strategies for achieving Carbon Neutrality at UCSB by 2025
Group Members: Henry Bart, Brandon Kaysen, Melissa Maggass, Hye Min Park, Owen Watson
Faculty Advisor: Sangwon Suh
Proposed by: David Auston, Anjana Krishnan (Proposal)
David Auston, Chancellor's Sustainability Committee, UCSB
Project team alias: CARBNEWT [Contact; website]
Developing a Citizen Science Program for the Multi-Agency Rocky Intertidal Network (MARINe)
Group Members: Erica Felins, Tova Handelman, Aaron Howard, Juliano Palacios-Abrantes
Faculty Advisor: John Melack
Proposed by: Mary-Elaine Helix, Serena Lomonico (Proposal)
Mary-Elaine Helix, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management; MARINe; Pacific Rocky Intertidal Monitoring;
Project team alias: INTERTIDAL [Contact; website]
Assessing the Environmental and Economic Impacts and Benefits of PV-battery Microgrid Systems in Off-Grid Communities
Group Members: Andy Bilich, Love Goyal, James Hansen, Anjana Krishnan, Kevin Langham
Faculty Advisors: Roland Geyer
Proposed by: Parikhit (Ricky) Sinha, Lee Kraemer, Roland Geyer, Joe Bergesen, Andy Bilich, Kevin Langham
First Solar, Inc.
Project team alias: OFF-GRID [Contact; website]
Assessing the Benefit of Fire Mitigation Programs for Cities in the Wildland Urban Interface
Group Members: Nico Alegria, Juliana Matos, Sarah McCutcheon
Faculty Advisor: Sarah Anderson
Proposed by: Ann Marx, Graham Wesolowski (Proposal)
Ann Marx, Santa Barbara City Fire
Project team alias: SBFIRE [Contact; website]
Factors Influencing the Expansion of Dry-Year Water Leasing Programs for Instream Flows
Group Members:Alexander Bennett, Lillian Burns, Adriel Leon, Martin Merz, Patricia Song
Faculty Advisor: Gary Libecap
Proposed by: Richael K. Young, Nicholas Brozovic, Karen Askeland, Martin Merz (Proposal)
Richael K. Young, Mammoth Trading, Inc.; Nicholas Brozovic, Daugherty Water for Food Institute, University of Nebraska
Project team alias: ENVMARKETS [Contact; website]
Ecological and economic implications of invasive giant reed (Arundo donax) control for the Santa Clara River watershed
Group Members:Ian Bell, Eliza Berry, Zachary McKelvey, Brooke Prentice-Dekker, Marc Steele
Faculty Advisor: Derek Booth
Proposed by: Tom Dudley, Adam Lambert, Robert Wilkinson (Proposal)
Tom Dudley, Adam Lambert, Riparian Invasion Research Lab, MSI - UCSB
Project team alias: RIVERARUNDO [Contact; website]
Not a Drop to Spare: Sustainable Water Supply Solutions for the South Coast
Group Members: Natalie Cochran, Stephanie Griffin, Jennifer Kidson, Amanda Silver-Westwick, Cody Wilgus
Faculty Advisor: Bob Wilkinson
Proposed by: Ben Pitterle, Jenna Driscoll (Proposal)
Santa Barbara Channelkeeper
Project team alias: SBWATER [Contact; website]
Microsynethic Fiber Pollution & the Apparel Industry
Group Members: Nicholas Bruce, Niko Hartline, Stephanie Karba, Bess Ruff, Shreya Sonar
Faculty Advisor: Trish Holden
Proposed by: Elissa Loughman, Jill Dumain (Proposal)
Client: Patagonia, Inc.
Project team alias: PATAPLAST [Contact; website]
More Housing, Fewer Cars: Reducing Commute-Related Emissions in the South Coast
Group Members: Jennifer Bankie, Kaitlin Carney, Michelle Graff, Amy Stuyvesant
Faculty Advisor: Mark Buntaine
Proposed By: John Campanella, Smadar Levy (Proposal)
Client: John Campanella
Project team alias: SBDEVELOPMENT [Contact; website]
Increasing Acceptance of Direct Potable Reuse as a Drinking Water Source in Ventura, CA
Group Members: Sara-Katherine Coxon, Charles Eggleton, Catherine Iantosca, Jennifer Sajor
Faculty Advisor: Jeff Dozier (S15, F15); Naomi Tague (S15, W16)
Proposed By: Ryan Kintz, Catherine Iantosca, Jennifer Sajor (Proposal)
Gina Dorrington and Karen Waln, Ventura Water, City of Ventura
Project team alias: VENTURAPOTABLEREUSE [Contact; website]
Forestry Supply-Chain Mapping: Enabling global brands and consumers to understand and address their impacts on forests
Group Members: Amanda Chao, Mitchell Maier, Michael Millstein, Julia Paltseva
Faculty Advisor: Lee Hannah
Proposed By: Philip Curtis (Proposal)
The Sustainability Consortium
Project team alias: PULPFRICTION [Contact; website]
Developing an Interactive Seafood Supply Chain Tool to Increase Economic, Environmental and Social Benefits for Fishers and Large Retailers in Costa Rica
Group Members: Juliana Herrera, Serena Lomonico, Katherine Millage, Iris Shin
Faculty Advisor: Hunter Lenihan
Proposed By: Marco Quesada, Juliana Herrera, Katherine Millage (Proposal)
Marco Quesada, Conservation International
Project team alias: CRSEAFOOD [Contact; website]