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Incorporating Life Cycle Screening into Alternatives Analysis
Group Members:Jordan Chamberlain, Kristen Magnuson, Britta Meier, Yu Yu
Faculty Advisor: Arturo Keller
Proposed by: Bob Boughton, Jordan Chamberlain, Kristen Magnuson (Proposal)
Client: Safer Consumer Product Program, California Department of Toxic Susbtances Control, California EPA
Project team alias: ALTERNATIVES [Contact; website]
Addressing Sedimentation of Ecuador's Rio Chone Estuary: A Watershed Perspective
Group Members: Francesca de Leon, Steven Johnson, Jacob Marcon, Natalie Phares
Faculty Advisor: Steve Gaines
Proposed by: Lucas O'Shun, Natalie Phares, Francesca de Leon (Proposal)
Client: Global Student Embassy
Project team alias: CHONEGROVES [Contact; website]
TURFtools: A Community-Inclusive Management Design Tool for Small-Scale Fisheries
Group Members: Jennifer Macy Humberstone, Kaia Joye Moyer, Rodrigo Oyanedel, Salvador Rodriguez Van Dyck, Keith Shattenkirk
Faculty Advisor: Chris Costello
Proposed by: Sarah Poon, Jennifer Macy, Heather Dennis (Proposal)
Client: Environmental Defense Fund
Project team alias: TURFTOOLS [Contact; website]

Life Cycle Assessment of a Feature Film
Group Members: Eric Cerretani, Claire Dooley, Erin Fabris, Spencer Middleton, Diana Rosenberg
Faculty Advisor: Roland Geyer
Proposed by: Megan Rast, Eric Cerretani, Spencer Middleton (Proposal)
Client: Sony Pictures Entertainment
Project team alias: HOLLYWOOD [Contact; website]
Informing Biodiversity Conservation and Water-Quality Management in the Morro Bay Watershed
Group Members: Heather Dennis, Stephanie Falzone, Hilary Walecka, Kari Zajac, Ashley Zavagno
Faculty Advisor: Ben Halpern
Proposed by: Adrienne Harris, Jocelyn Christie (Proposal)
Morro Bay National Estuary Program
Project team alias: MORROWATERSHED [Contact; website]
Burbank Sustainable Water Master Plan
Group Members: Dan Gold, Chris Heckman, Chris Hewes, Alyssa Krag-Arnold, Lila Spring
Faculty Advisor: Bob Wilkinson
Proposed by: Kapil Kulkarni (Proposal)
Burbank Water and Power
Project team alias: BURBANK [Contact; website]
Motivating Water Conservation in Southern California through Allocation and Market Mechanisms
Group Members: Jim Bond, Mary-Sophia Motlow, Lauren Steely, Dean Wang
Faculty Advisor: Gary Libecap
Proposed by: Kevin Wattier, Mary-Sophia Motlow (Proposal)
Long Beach Water Department
Project team alias: URBANWATER [Contact; website]
Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution: Best Management Practice Impacts on Water Quality & Recommendations to Improve Monitoring Programs in Ventura County, California
Group Members: Adam Jorge, Chase Lecroy, Hansa Srinivasan
Faculty Advisors: Andrew Plantinga
Proposed by:John Krist, Dale Zuraswki, Dustin Pearce, Graham Wesolowski (Proposal)
Farm Bureau of Ventura County
Project team alias: AGVENTURA [Contact; website]
Investigating the Feasibility of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Santa Barbara County
Group Members: Alex Brotman, Lily Brown, Cassandra Squiers
Faculty Advisor: Sangwon Suh
Proposed by: Brian Shafritz, Lily Brown, Dan Hannigan (Proposal)
Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District
Project team alias: SBCOFFSETS [Contact; website]
University of California, Santa Barbara Operational Effectiveness: Energy Management Initiative
Group Members: Lisa Campbell, Ian Creelman, Stephanie Harris, Brett Olson
Faculty Advisor: Sarah Anderson
Proposed by: Jordan Sager, Ian Creelman, Stephanie Harris (Proposal)
Project team alias: UCSBENERGY [Contact; website]
Developing a Water Risk Analysis Framework for Suppliers and Applying it to a Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
Group Members: Lyandra Dias, Casey Garrett, Aarushi Jha, Grace Kao, Kathy Tejano
Faculty Advisor: Trish Holden
Proposed by: Joe Bialowitz, Neil Parke, Skip Skivington (Proposal)
Kaiser Permanente; Eli Lilly and Company
Project team alias: INSULINWATERRISK [Contact; website]
The City of Santa Barbara Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment
Group Members: Sara Denka, Alyssa Hall, Laura Nicholson
Faculty Advisor: James Frew
Proposed by: John Ledbetter, Paige Berube, Sara Denka (Proposal)
City of Santa Barbara
Project team alias: SEALEVELRISESB [Contact; website]
San Joaquin Valley Landscape-Scale Planning for Solar Energy and Conservation
Group Members: Jane Cowan, Andrew Gwin, Dustin Pearce, Graham Wesolowski, Samuel Young
Faculty Advisor: Mark Buntaine
Proposed by: Stephanie Dashiell, Anderson Shepard, Dustin Pearce, Aarushi Jha (Proposal)
Client: Defenders of Wildlife
Project team alias: WILDLIGHT [Contact; website]
The Bathtub Ring: Implications of Low Water Levels in Lake Mead on Water Supply, Hydropower, Recreation, and the Environment

Group Members: Ning Jiang, Season Martin, Julia Morton, Skyler Murphy
Faculty Advisor: Naomi Tague
Proposed By: Douglas Kenney, Season Martin, Julia Morton (Proposal)
Client: Western Water Policy Program
Project team alias: LAKEMEAD [Contact; website]

Evaluating Management Scenarios to Revitalize the California Commercial Swordfish Fishery
Group Members: Paige Berube, Jenny Couture, Miguel Gomez Munoz, Lexi Journey, Aliya Rubinstein
Faculty Advisor: Hunter Lenihan
Proposed By: Stephen Stohs, Melissa Stevens, Jennifer Couture (Proposal)
NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center; The Nature Conservancy
Project team alias: SWORDFISH [Contact; website]