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Big Island Impacts: An analysis of current and potential effects on watersheds, carbon emissions, accessibility, & wildlife at Kohala Institute
Group Members: Maegan Blansett, Jennifer Laws, Ilan MacAdam-Somer
Faculty Advisor: Frank Davis
Client: Marcus Woo, Kohala Institute (Proposal)
Contact team GRACEFUEL
Feasibility of Establishing a Conservation Bank to Benefit Greater Sage-grouse in Montana
Group Members: Bradley Bowers, Jeffrey Cedarbaum, Katherine Day, Donald Macaskill
Faculty Advisor: Gary Libecap
Client: Dr. Kyran Kunkel, American Prairie Reserve (Proposal)
Contact team SAGEBANKING
Bridging Science and Management in the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument
Group Members:Shannon Boyle, Vanessa De Anda, Kara Koenig, Erin O'Reilly, Monique Schafer
Faculty Advisor: Mark Buntaine
Clients: Dr. Rusty Brainard, Samantha Brooke, L. Hokulani Ka'aekuahiwi, NOAA (Proposal)
Creating a Conservation Network to Ensure Continued Wildlife Connectivity in the Mackenzie Basin
Group Members: Andrew Cawley, Sarah Halperin, Naomi Louchouarn, Michael Paccassi
Faculty Advisor: Naomi Tague (S16, W17, S17); Lee Hannah (F16)
Client: Jodi Hilty and Harvey Locke, Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Proposal)
Contact team COLDAMAZON
Eco-E: BranchOut: Unlock the Outdoors through play-based puzzle curriculum
Group Members:Lindsay Martien, Nicole Poletto, Rick Thomas
Faculty Advisors: Matt Potoski, Emily Cotter (Chan)
Contact team BRANCHOUT
Eco-E: Organic Matters: Creating organic fertilizer pellets from egg industry waste
Group Members: Lauren Catlin, Jacob Levine
Faculty Advisors: Arturo Keller, Emily Cotter (Chan)
Eco-E: Sunset Power Solutions: Repurposing second-life lithium ion batteries for wireless, exhaust-free event lighting
Group Members: Brian Jones, Jessica Leader, Sean Parker, Alexandra Uribe
Faculty Advisors: Sangwon Suh, Emily Cotter (Chan)
Contact team SUNSETPOWER
An Ecological Connectivity Assessment for Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary
Group Members: Sam Furtner, Stephanie Gad, Isabella Marill, Adam Qian
Faculty Advisor: Steve Gaines
Helene Scalliet, Office of National Marine Sanctuaries; Sarah Fangman, Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary (Proposal)
Contact team GRAYSREEF
Planning and incentivizing native oyster restoration in Southern California through spatial analysis and economic valuation
Group Members: Colleen Grant, Brianna Group, Desmond Ho, Emily Read, Erin Winslow
Faculty Advisor: Hunter Lenihan
Andy Brooks, Carpinteria Salt Marsh, UC NRS (Proposal)
A Framework to Evaluate the Effectiveness of No-Take Marine Reserves in Mexico
Group Members: Caio Faro, Jael Martínez, Juan Carlos Villaseñor Derbez, Melaina Wright
Faculty Advisor: Chris Costello
Jorge Torre-Costo, Stuart Fulton, Alvin Suarez, Comunidad y Biodiversidad, A.C. (COBI) (Proposal)
Contact team TURFEFFECT
Identifying and Prioritizing Restoration Sites, Activities, and Long-term Management Actions to Promote Desert Tortoise Recovery
Group Members: Dannique Aalbu, Erik Martinez, Amber Reedy, Devin Rothman
Faculty Advisor: Ben Halpern (S16); Bruce Kendall (F16, W17, S17)
Chris Noddings, Desert Tortoise Council (Proposal)
Sacramento Valley Water-Sharing Investment Partnership
Group Members: Andrew Hall, Cora Kammeyer, Justin Kroes, Jayme Ohlhaver, Leslie Regan
Faculty Advisor: Jim Salzman
Brian Richter, Global Water Program (TNC); Catherine Burns, California Water Program (TNC) (Proposal)
Quantifying the benefits of river restoration for Chinook salmon on the Lower Yuba River
Group Members: Jo Anna Beck, Nathan Burroughs, Leah Gonzales, Alyssa Obester, Elijah Papen
Faculty Advisor: Derek Booth
Rachel Hutchinson, South Yuba River Citizens League (Proposal)
Quantifying the Greenhouse Gas Impacts of a Green Hotel Certification on the City of Los Angeles
Group Members: Jay McConagha, Lillian Mirviss, Rucha Thakar, Natalie Vezina
Faculty Advisor: Kyle Meng
Gary M. Petersen, Aarushi Jha; Green Seal, Inc. (Proposal)
Contact team STAYGREEN
Predicting Riparian Vegetation Response to Treated Water Release into an Arid Stream: Assessing Water Management Impacts and Alternatives
Group Members: Lina Barbosa Rodriguez, Sodavy Ou, Alexander Tremblay, Elise Wall
Faculty Advisor: Tom Dunne
Paul Costa, Boeing Company (Proposal)
Quantifying the economic potential of small scale fisheries through better management in the Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rica
Group Members: Diana Flores, Wagner Quirós, Maria Rivera, Alexandra Smith
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Plantinga
Nakul Saran, Fish Forever at RARE (Proposal)
Carbon Zero: UCSB Optimal Strategies for Achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2025
Group Members: Charles Diamond, Evan Ritzinger, Lydia Rudnick, Dawnielle Tellez, Emily Waddington
Faculty Advisor: Roland Geyer (S16, W17, S17); James Frew (F16)
David Auston, Institute for Energy Efficiency, UC Santa Barbara (Proposal)
Contact team CARBONZERO
Workplace Charging to Support One Million Zero Emission Vehicles by 2020
Group Members: Kathryn Collins, Tori Greenen, Adrienne Harris, Heather Martin, Yi (Real) Wen
Faculty Advisor: Sarah Anderson (S16, F16, W17); James Frew (S17)
Tyson Eckerle, CA Governor's Office of Business & Economic Development (Proposal)
Contact team GO-ZERO