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An Integration of Invasive Species Management and Renewable Energy Generation
Group Members: Maegan Blansett, Jennifer Laws, Ilan MacAdam-Somer
Faculty Advisor: Frank Davis
Client: Marcus Woo, Kohala Institute (Proposal)
Contact team GRACEFUEL
Analysis of Conservation Banking & Creation of a Banking Model to Conserve the Greater Sage-Grouse in Montana
Group Members: Bradley Bowers, Jeffrey Cedarbaum, Katherine Day, Donald Macaskill
Faculty Advisor: Gary Libecap
Client: Dr. Kyran Kunkel, American Prairie Reserve (Proposal)
Contact team SAGEBANKING
Bridging Science and Management in the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument
Group Members:Shannon Boyle, Vanessa De Anda, Kara Koenig, Erin O'Reilly, Monique Schafer
Faculty Advisor: Mark Buntaine
Clients: Dr. Rusty Brainard, Samantha Brooke, L. Hokulani Ka'aekuahiwi, NOAA (Proposal)
Creating a Conservation Network to Ensure Continued Wildlife Connectivity in the Mackenzie Basin
Group Members: Andrew Cawley, Sarah Halperin, Naomi Louchouarn, Michael Paccassi
Faculty Advisor: Naomi Tague (S16, W17, S17); Lee Hannah (F16)
Client: Jodi Hilty and Harvey Locke, Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Proposal)
Contact team COLDAMAZON
Eco-E: Branchout: Bringing nature and environmental outreach programs to children in urban communities
Group Members:Lindsay Martien, Nicole Poletto, Rick Thomas
Faculty Advisors: Matt Potoski, Emily Cotter (Chan)
Contact team BRANCHOUT
Eco-E: Manuvre: Repurposing farm waste into fertilizer for produce farms
Group Members: Lauren Catlin, Jacob Levine
Faculty Advisors: Arturo Keller, Emily Cotter (Chan)
Contact team MANUVRE
Eco-E: Sunset Power: Reusing lithium ion batteries as commercial and residential energy storage
Group Members: Brian Jones, Jessica Leader, Sean Parker, Alexandra Uribe
Faculty Advisors: Sangwon Suh, Emily Cotter (Chan)
Contact team SUNSETPOWER
Ecological Connectivity Assessment and Recommendations for Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary
Group Members: Sam Furtner, Stephanie Gad, Isabella Marill, Adam Qian
Faculty Advisor: Steve Gaines
Helene Scalliet, Office of National Marine Sanctuaries; Sarah Fangman, Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary (Proposal)
Contact team GRAYSREEF
Establishing feasibility metrics and generating spatial management plans for native oyster restoration in southern CA and Baja, Mexico
Group Members: Colleen Grant, Brianna Group, Desmond Ho, Emily Read, Erin Winslow
Faculty Advisor: Hunter Lenihan
Andy Brooks, Carpinteria Salt Marsh, UC NRS (Proposal)
Creating a framework to evaluate the effectiveness of No-take Marine Reserves in Mexico
Group Members: Caio Faro, Jael Martínez, Juan Carlos Villaseñor Derbez, Melaina Wright
Faculty Advisor: Chris Costello
Jorge Torre-Costo, Stuart Fulton, Alvin Suarez, Comunidad y Biodiversidad, A.C. (COBI) (Proposal)
Contact team TURFEFFECT
Identifying and Prioritizing Restoration Sites, Activities, and Long-term Management Actions to Promote Desert Tortoise Recovery
Group Members: Dannique Aalbu, Erik Martinez, Amber Reedy, Devin Rothman
Faculty Advisor: Ben Halpern (S16); Bruce Kendall (F16, W17, S17)
Chris Noddings, Desert Tortoise Council (Proposal)
Implementing a Community Water Trust as a Mechanism for Environmental Water Allocation in California
Group Members: Andrew Hall, Cora Kammeyer, Justin Kroes, Jayme Ohlhaver, Leslie Regan
Faculty Advisor: Jim Salzman
Brian Richter, Global Water Program (TNC); Catherine Burns, California Water Program (TNC) (Proposal)
Quantifying the benefit of restoring the Lower Yuba River for Chinook salmon, steelhead, and other ecosystem services
Group Members: Jo Anna Beck, Nathan Burroughs, Leah Gonzales, Alyssa Obester, Elijah Papen
Faculty Advisor: Derek Booth
Rachel Hutchinson, South Yuba River Citizens League (Proposal)
Quantifying the GHG Benefits of GS-33 Certification to the City of LA and the City’s Lodging Industry
Group Members: Jay McConagha, Lillian Mirviss, Rucha Thakar, Natalie Vezina
Faculty Advisor: Kyle Meng
Gary M. Petersen, Aarushi Jha; Green Seal, Inc. (Proposal)
Contact team STAYGREEN
Santa Susana Surface Outfall Impacts
Group Members: Lina Barbosa Rodriguez, Sodavy Ou, Alexander Tremblay, Elise Wall
Faculty Advisor: Tom Dunne
Paul Costa, Boeing Company (Proposal)
Turning the tide on small-scale fisheries performance in Costa Rican Marine Areas of Responsible Fishing
Group Members: Diana Flores, Wagner Quirós, Maria Rivera, Alexandra Smith
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Plantinga
Nakul Saran, Fish Forever at RARE (Proposal)
UCSB Optimal Strategies for Achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2025 (Continuation of 2015 GP CarbNewt)
Group Members: Charles Diamond, Evan Ritzinger, Lydia Rudnick, Dawnielle Tellez, Emily Waddington
Faculty Advisor: Roland Geyer (S16, W17, S17); James Frew (F16)
David Auston, Institute for Energy Efficiency, UC Santa Barbara (Proposal)
Contact team CARBONZERO
Workplace Charging to Support One Million Zero Emission Vehicles by 2020
Group Members: Kathryn Collins, Tori Greenen, Adrienne Harris, Heather Martin, Yi (Real) Wen
Faculty Advisor: Sarah Anderson (S16, F16, W17); James Frew (S17)
Tyson Eckerle, CA Governor's Office of Business & Economic Development (Proposal)
Contact team GO-ZERO