PhD Research - Darren Hardy

Darren Hardy's research focuses on new forms of collective authorship of place in large-scale networks. He is particularly interested in spatial factors in the credibility and production of volunteered geographic information. In his most recent study, Darren examined whether anonymous Wikipedia authors write about nearby places more than faraway places.

Employment Upon Graduation: Senior Analyst for Ocean Health Index, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) - Scientific Computing


Hardy, D. 2008. Discovering behavioral patterns in collective authorship of place-based information. In 9th International Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers (IR9: Rethinking Community, Rethinking Place). 15–18 October. Copenhagen, Denmark: AOIR.

Hardy, D. 2007. Digital commons and the state of our environment. In Workshop on
Volunteered Geographic Information. 13–14 December. Santa Barbara, CA: NCGIA.

Hardy, D., G. Janée, J. Gallagher, J. Frew, and P. Cornillon. 2006. Metadata in the wild: An empirical survey of OPeNDAP-accessible metadata and its implications for discovery. In AGU Fall Meeting. December. San Francisco, CA.

Guenther, C., D. Hardy, C. Miller, and H. Lenihan. 2006. Socio-economic monitoring of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary reserves and the local California spiny lobster fishery. In 20th Society for Conservation Biology. 24–28 June. San Jose, CA.

Abramson, S., C. Cairns, K. DeLeuw, S. Hamrin, and D. Hardy. 2005. Collaborative monitoring of the spiny lobster in the Channel Islands MPAs. In Fisheries and Marine
Ecosystems (FAME) 2005 Graduate Student Conf. April. Bainbridge Island, WA.

Current Projects

  • "Place in social computing" PhD dissertation (Dr. Frew, chair).
  • "Volunteered geographic information" (Dr. Goodchild et al., PI).


Completed Projects

  • Integrating digital libraries and earth science data systems. (Dr. Frew et al., PI).
  • Collaborative monitoring of spiny lobster in the Channel Islands marine protected areas (Drs. Frew & Lenihan, advisors).