PhD Research - Dongxu Zhou

The toxicity and potential environmental risks of emerging nanomaterials have become a growing concern in recent years. A number of studies have already shown that nanomaterials can negatively affect a range of receptors (plants, phytoplankton, mammals, human cell lines). Understanding the fate and transport of these materials is the first step toward a full assessment of their environmental risks. Among the several key processes of nanoparticle transport, aggregation not only influences the mobility and sink of these particles, but also affects how organisms take up the particles and, therefore, their level of toxicity. Dongxu's research focuses on using light-scattering techniques (static and dynamic) to investigate the mechanisms of nanoparticle aggregation. Specifically, he is investigating how solution chemistry, material properties (particle morphology, size, crystal structure), and sintering affect nanoparticle aggregation.

Employment Upon Graduation: Consultant, Geosyntec Consultants


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