PhD Research - Eric Edwards

MBA Finance, University of Rochester; BS Mathematics, University of Idaho

Eric Edwards’ dissertation research has focused on the economics of water resources, particularly the role of physical system properties and property right definition on welfare and efficiency. Of particular interest is the economic importance of geohydrology, the structure of an aquifer, in the emergence and performance of ground and surface water property right and management regimes. A portion of his work has focused on the Antofagasta Region of northern Chile, one of the driest areas of the world, where water is critical to producing 15% of the world’s copper and to sustaining valuable ecosystems.


Year Admitted: 2009
Research Areas: Water Resource Economics, Propery Rights Institutions, Geohydrology
Faculty Advisor: Gary Libecap



Quentin Grafton, Gary Libecap, Eric Edwards, Bob O’Brien, and Clay Landry. “Comparative Assessment of Water Markets: Insights from the Murray-Darling Basin of Australia and the Western USA.” Water Policy, 14(2):175-93, 2012.

Working Papers

The Economic Value of an Aquifer with Beneficial Outflows with Naomi Kirk-Lawlor.

Groundwater Conservation via Desalination: Welfare Implications with Oscar Cristi and Gary Libecap.

The Effect of Regulatory Uncertainty on Water-Right Prices: The Case of the Loa Basin in the Antofagasta Region of Chile with Oscar Cristi, Carlos Díaz, and Gonzalo Edwards.


Emil Steck, Jr. Fellow
University of California Regents Special Fellow