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Assessment of an Artificial Breach of an Impounded Coastal Water Body: A Case Study of Goleta Slough

Final Report

Project Website

Adam, Ian
Asakawa, Michael
Edwards, Ryan
Kelly, Shawn
King, Sandrine

David Siegel
Patricia Holden

County of Santa Barbara

The Ojai Meadows Preserve: Enhancement, Revegetation, and Creation of Native Habitats

Final Report

Dunbar, Melanie
Haggerty, Johanna
Kalodimos, Nicholas
Klyse, Brian
Wood, Lara

Frank Davis

Cheryl Schultz

Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

Greening UCSB: Development of an Assessment Protocol and Policy Statement to Improve Campus Sustainability

Final Report

Harris, Tarlie
Meiser, Jeff
Rosenberg, Heather
Salamack, Autumn

Jeff Dozier  

Mammoth Groundwater Extraction: A Hydrological Analysis of Potential Recharge to an Eastern Sierra Nevada Watershed

Final Report

Breibart, Andrew
Cathcart, Robin
Didriksen, Karin
Everett, J. Lauren

John Melack  

An Evaluation of the Los Angeles Regional Clean Air Incentives Market

Final Report

Hawkins, Jacob
Lowe, Scott
Simon, Gregory
Suetake, Nina

Magali Delmas
Natalie Mahowald


A Public-Access GIS-Based Model of Potential Species Habitat Distributions for the Santa Barbara Channel and the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary

Final Report

Project Website

Rodriguez, Sergio
Santiago, Agnelli Rico
Shenker, Gil

James Frew


Analysis of Contaminants and Potential Effects at the South Ormond Beach Wetland Restoration Site, Ventura County, California

Final Report

Project Website

Gay, Douglas
Gibson, Christopher
Gress, Jeremy
Kaminsky, Felicia
Schulz, Martin
Siegler, Katie

Arturo Keller  

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Public Law 99-625: Sea Otter-Shellfishery Conflicts in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties

Final Report

Project Website

Aldrich, Kim
Curtis, Joshua
Drucker, Samuel

Bruce Kendall
Carol McAusland


Infiltration of Urban Stormwater Runoff to Recharge Groundwater Used for Drinking Water: A Study of the San Fernando Valley, California

Final Report

Project Website

Chralowicz, Donna
Dominguez, Alvaro
Goff, Tessa
Mascali, Melissa
Taylor, Emily

Tom Dunne
Charles Kolstad


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