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A Framework for Evaluating Water System Ownership and Management Alternatives

Final Report


Project Website


Cowan, Claire

Mescher, Aubrey

Miller, Josh

Pettway, Kevin

Pink, Ben

Dennis Aigner

Bob Wilkinson

City of Thousand Oaks

A Water Quality Monitoring Plan for Santa Barbara's in Urban Creeks

Final Report


Aguinaga, Ivon

Lancy, Theresa

Phillips, Jeff

Uwins, James

Weber, Chuck

Williams, Das

Tom Dunne
City of Santa Barbara

Bioassessment of Stream Condition and Response to Anthropogenic Activities in Los Padres National Forest

Final Report


Chan, Corey

Livsey, Ben

Raaf, Andrew

Ravenscroft, Catherine

Sanger, Elizabeth

Chris Marwood
Los Padres National Forest

Classifying Sites in the Ventura Hillsides for Acquisition by the Ventura Hillsides Conservancy

Final Report


Boland, Jeanne

Cunningham, Dawn

Danko, Christina

Imgrund, Heather

Kreitler, Jason

Levine, Josh

Bruce Kendall
Ventura Hillsides Conservancy

Collaborative Monitoring of the Spiny Lobster in the Channel Islands Marine Protected Areas

Final Report

Project Website

Abramson, Sarah

Cairns, Christina

DeLeuw, Katie

Hardy, Darren

Hamrin, Sophia

Hunter Lenihan

James Frew

Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary

Calif Dept of Fish & Game


Designing Road Crossings for Safe Wildlife Passage: Ventura County Guidelines

Final Report


Cavallaro, Lindsey

Sanden, Kate

Schellhase, Joanne

Tanaka, Maile

Frank Davis

Southern California Association of Governments

Ventura County Planning Division

Developing Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Indicator Programs, Pilot Project: Illegal Logging in Costa Rica

Final Report


Everett, John

James, Kirsten

Rubio, Betsey

Tran, Lana

Wolowicz, Karen

Oran Young
The International Network on Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (INECE)

Environmentally Responsible Packaging: A Guideline and Certification Program for the Electronics Industry

Final Report


Project Website

Crumrine, Brian

Decker, Shawn

Loughman, Elissa

McMullan, Ryan

Magali Delmas
Hewlett Packard

Evaluating the Potential of a Market-Based Transferable Development Rights Program for Open Space and Farmland Preservation in Santa Barbara County

Final Report


Carroll, Taylor

Chen, Connie

Dunbar, Jeff

Gore, Rachel

Greve, Darren

Charlie Kolstad
Santa Barbara County

Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Planning: A Guide for Small Municipal Utilities

Final Report


Fernandez, Christine

Kulkarni, Kapil

Polgar, Sara

Schneider, Matt

Webster, Stu

Trish Holden
Burbank Water and Power

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Hybrid-Electric Vehicles: An Environmental and Economics Analysis

Final Report


Estudillo, Kristina

Koehn, Jon

Levy, Catherine

Olsen, Tim

Taylor, Chris

Roland Geyer
American Motor Honda Company

The New Economics of Solar Energy: A Case Study in Demand for Renewable Energy Credits

Final Report


Kastner, Joe

Ryals, Cindy

Shibata, Scott

Stone, Ian

Chris Costello

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