PhD Research - Julie Robinson

Julie Robinson’s research centers on developing, implementing, and evaluating transdisciplinary approaches for effective environmental communication strategies. As a researcher interested in the socio-ecological dimensions of ocean sustainability, she is cross-trained in marine ecology and communication science. Her work focuses on integrating theory-based environmental literacy perspectives into mono- and dialogic communication models and identifying cross-cutting evaluation metrics matched for use at appropriate scales.

Her dissertation describes the results of the design and implementation of a theory-based evaluation model to measure students’ ocean literacy learning outcomes for DigitalOcean: "Sampling the Sea," a John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Innovation grant-awarded project (UCSB researchers: Constance Penley, Lead PI; Ronald Rice, Co-PI; Steve Gaines, Co-PI; John Melack, Co-PI). Find out more about Sampling the Sea.

Prior to entering graduate school, Julie worked for more than a decade as an award-winning science filmmaker and media producer for major broadcast partners (National Geographic, PBS, the Discovery Channel, and Jean-Michel Cousteau). In addition to an interdisciplinary PhD in environmental science and communication, Julie holds over a half a dozen marine technical certifications and a certificate in filmmaking from the Maine Workshops.

Employment Upon Graduation: Project Director and Research Faculty, George Mason University - Center for Climate Change Communication



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Research Fellowships

Graduate Research Assistant, Environmental Media Initiative Research Group (EMIRG) and DigitalOcean projects, Carsey-Wolf Center, UCSB (2008-2010)

Bren School (Fall 2007, Fall 2010)